In Progress
Tech Transfer
Principal Investigator
Project Dates
1/1/2024 - 12/31/2024
Approximate Project Cost

"Assessing Cybersecurity Readiness in State Level Transportation Systems" is a project designed to fortify cybersecurity measures in intelligent transportation systems (ITS), traffic control systems, and incident response frameworks at the state level. This initiative involves two key components:

  1. Transportation Exercises using the DECIDE® Platform: The project will utilize the DECIDE® (Distributed Environment for Critical Infrastructure Decision-making Exercises) technical platform. This platform will be instrumental in simulating cybersecurity breaches within intelligent transportation systems, offering practical scenarios for enhancing cybersecurity measures. The exercises aim to provide a realistic environment to evaluate and improve the preparedness of transportation systems in handling cyber threats.

  2. Transportation Operations Center Security SECURE Concept Development: In conjunction with the NUARI Security Situation Center, this aspect of the project will leverage the SECURE platform. The SECURE platform will facilitate the sharing of analytic tools, onboarding procedures, mission operations playbooks, and customized threat reporting systems. This collaboration aims to strengthen the communication channels and information exchange with federal and state law enforcement partners/agencies, thereby heightening the resilience of transportation systems against cyber attacks.

The project's primary goal is to conduct workshops with Department of Transportations (DOTs) from the six New England states. These workshops will focus on identifying the specific cybersecurity needs of each state and developing a tailored cybersecurity program. By fostering a collaborative environment, the project aims to elevate the overall cybersecurity readiness of state-level transportation systems, ensuring they are better equipped to handle the evolving landscape of cyber threats. This initiative aligns with the broader objective of enhancing the security and reliability of critical transportation infrastructure, thereby contributing to the safety and efficiency of transportation networks across New England.