NECSC Stakeholder Outreach and Science Planning Meetings


January 9-10 – UMass, Amherst

January 17-18  – UMN, St. Paul

Day One

Welcome & Introductions

Welcome, Agenda Review, Introductions

NECSC Background Presentation - Mary Ratnaswamy, NECSC Director and Richard Palmer, NECSC University Director (Download PDF - Ratnaswamy & Palmer)

Intro: Directors Palmer & Ratnaswamy



Science Theme Presentations (Part One)

Theme: #1 Climate change assessment and projections for decision making by resource managers    


Presenters (MA): Radley Horton, Columbia University and Lorraine Janus, NYC Environmental Protection (Download PDF - Horton & Janus)

Theme #1: Horton & Janus



Presenters (MN): Steve Vavrus, University of Wisconsin and Jana Stewart, USGS Wisconsin Water Science Center (Download PDF - Vavrus & Stewart)

Theme #1: Vavrus & Stewart


Theme: #6 Impacts of climate change on cultural resources


Presenters (MA):   Chris Caldwell, College of Menominee Nation and Angela Benedict, St. Regis Mohawk Tribe (Download PDF - Caldwell & Benedict)

Theme #6: Caldwell & Benedict




Presenters (MN):   Mike Dockry, US Forest Service and Chris Caldwell, College of Menominee Nation (Download PDF - Caldwell & Dockry)

Theme #6: Caldwell & Dockry


Theme: #7 Decision frameworks for evaluating risk and managing natural resources under climate change


Presenters (MA):  Casey Brown, UMass Amherst and Bill Werick, Corps of Engineers (Download PDF - Brown & Werick)

Theme #7: Brown & Werick



Presenters (MN):  Bill Walker, Wisc. Dept. of Natural Resources and WICCI Science Council and Bernard Lenz, City of La Crosse (Download PDF - Walker & Lenz)

Theme #7: Walker & Lenz



Day One Discussion

See meeting synopses for discussion results

Day Two

Science Themes Presentations (Part Two)

Theme: #2 Climate impacts on freshwater resources and ecosystems


Presenters (MA):    Rick Palmer, UMass and Kim Lutz, The Nature Conservancy (Download PDF - Palmer & Lutz)

Theme #2: Palmer & Lutz



Presenters (MN):    Ken Potter, University of Wisconsin and Tom Worthington, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (Download PDF - Potter & Worthington)

Theme #2: Potter & Worthington


Theme: #3 Coastal and near shore response to climate change


Presenters (MA):    Anne Giblin, Marine Biological Lab and Bruce Carlisle, MA Coastal Zone Management (Download PDF - Giblin & Carlisle)

Theme #3: Giblin & Carlisle



Presenters (MN):    David Hart, University of Wisconsin and Bob Krumenaker, National Parks Service (Download PDF - Hart & Krumenaker)


Theme #3: Hart & Krumenaker



Theme: #4 Climate impacts on land-use and land-cover change


Presenters (MA):  Brad Compton, UMass and Andrew Milliken, NALCC (Download PDF - Compton & Miliken)

Theme #4: Miliken & Compton



Presenters (MN):  Tony D'Amato, University of Minnesota and Dave Zumeta, MN Forest Resources Council (Download PDF - D'Amato & Zumeta)

Theme #4: D'Amato & Zumeta


Theme: #5 Ecosystem vulnerability and species response to climate change


Presenters (MA):  Keith Nislow, UMass and Steve Roy, Green Mountain National Forest (Download PDF - Nislow & Roy)

Theme #5: Nislow & Roy


Presenters (MN):  Frank Thompson, University of Missouri and Greg Wathen, Gulf Coast and Ozarks LCC (Download PDF - Thompson & Wathen)

Theme #5: Thompson & Wathen



Day Two Discussion

See meeting synopses for discussion results