Meaghan Guckian

Past NE CASC Fellow
Ph.D. Candidate

Consortium Institution: 

University of Massachusetts


M.S., 2014, Behavior, Education and Communication, University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources and Environment
B.S., 2008, Psychology, St. Lawrence University


Lab Manager, 2014, Environmental Psychology Lab, University of Michigan
Program Assistant, 2014, Graham Sustainability Institute, University of Michigan
Research Assistant, 2012-2014, Environmental Psychology Lab, University of Michigan
Graduate Student Instructor, 2013-2014, Program in the Environment, University of Michigan

Research Interests: 

I am interested in examining the drivers of pro-environmental decision-making and exploring the conditions under which people will positively engage with environmental issues and actions. I seek to leverage insights from the behavioral sciences to inform more effective participatory-based interventions, programming initiatives and policy. I am particularly interested in the cognitive and contextual conditions under which climate and resource uncertainty is communicated effectively. As a behavioral scientist, I recognize the challenge of conveying complex scientific information in ways that help people to make more informed environmental decisions and enhance public engagement. Ultimately, in cultivating familiarity with an unknown future, I hope to help others envision, adopt, and sustain lifestyles and management practices that are marked by living well, while living within limits.

For my work with The Climate Adaptation Science Centers (CASC) and consortium institutions, I will be working with the Early Career Climate Forum (ECCF) to help build a network of students and early career professionals across the U.S. interested in the climate sciences and climate adaptation. The project will support the development of a national early career communication platform to facilitate and increase information sharing, improve climate change communication and networking across the CASCs and consortium institutions.