Ivan Valiela

Affiliated Investigator
Distinguished Scientist, Marine Biological Laboratory

Consortium Institution: 

Marine Biological Laboratory


B.S.: Agricultural Research, Rutgers University, 1964
Ph.D.: Ecology, Cornell University, 1968


Research Interests: 

Function, structure and controls on coastal ecosystems, land-sea couplings, impacts of urbanization and deforestation on coastal ecosystems, management of coastal environments, and international environmental policy.
  • Effects of deforestation of coastal watersheds on mangrove forests and on adjoining coastal waters of the Pacific coast of Panama (supported by NSF)
  • Long-term enrichment studies of experimental plots in Great Sippewissett salt marsh (supported by NSF)
  • Salt marsh grass die-back: Possible role of atmospheric warming, sea level rise, and fungal infection (supported by WHOI Sea Grant).
  • Nitrogen loading to Great South Bay, NY: Land use, sources, and transport from land to Bay (supported by The Nature Conservancy).