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Friday, December 18, 2015


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New Video of NE CSC Fellow Paul Damkot in Action!     Paul studies how brook trout are affected by and adapt to climate change. For this cold-water species, warmer water could mean moving upstream to find cooler temperatures, and possible habitat loss at the upstream limits of their distribution, making climate change a very big concern for their long-term survival.  We’ve updated our Fellow Highlight of Paul with a video of his team in the field.  Read More >>

Fall Colloquium Seminars Available for Viewing     If you missed any of the NE CSC's “Engaging Stakeholders in Climate Adaptation” seminars presented during the Fall Semester, fear not!  You can catch up over the holidays and see what our partners and researchers have been working on and how their work is being applied to the management of natural and cultural resources in the northeast (and beyond!).   And, stay tuned for our spring seminar series schedule.  Read More >>

NE CSC Fellow's Passion for Environmental Science     Justin Mankin carries a heavy business card:  He is an Earth Institute Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Scientist at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Center for Climate Systems Research at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and now a NE CSC Postdoctoral Fellow (phew!).  He explains what drives him to produce actionable science.  Read More >> 

Recent Publications from the NE CSC

•       Foster, J.R., D'Amato, A.W., 2015. Montane forest ecotones moved downslope in northeastern US in spite of warning between 1984 and 2011. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

•       Wang, W. J., H. S. He, F. R. Thompson III, J.S. Fraser, B.B. Hanberry, and W.D. Dijak. 2015. The importance of succession, harvest, and climate change in determining future forest composition in a temperate hardwood forest. Ecosphere

•       Fan, F., R.S. Bradley, M. A. Rawlins. 2015. Climate Change in the Northeast United States: An Analysis of the NARCCAP Multimodel Simulation. Journal of Geophysical Research.

•       Demaria, Eleonora M. C., Palmer Richard N., and Roundy Joshua K. 2015. Regional climate change projections of streamflow characteristics in the Northeast and Midwest U.S., Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies.

Upcoming Presentations by the NE CSC

•       Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference, Grand Rapids, MI.  CSC-organized session entitled "Applying Climate Science to State-level Resource Management” 

◦       Michelle Staudinger (NE CSC/USGS): "Integrating Climate Change into Northeast and Midwest State Wildlife Action Plans

◦       Craig Paukert (NE CSC researcher with USGS and University of Missouri): "An Assessment of Potential Changes in Habitat Classes Due to Climate Change in the Northeast Climate Science Center Region" and "Current conservation status of stream fish habitat in the Midwest and northeastern United States."

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CAKE Highlight:  National Park Service Coastal Adaptation Strategies     NPS has released a summary report and 24 case studies of coastal adaptation activities. The case studies follow the format created for CAKE, including the adaptation strategies' keywords, and present examples on topics such as natural resources, cultural resources, facilities management, and visitor use and access. All of the case studies are now available on CAKE and linked to other relevant items of interest.  Read More >>


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National Academy of Sciences press release on the LCC Review

Report:  A Review of the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives


North Atlantic LCC:

Collaborative makes headway in addressing aquatic connectivity regionally, and beyond

In a time of accelerated change, the North Atlantic LCC helps partners keep pace with new conservation challenges  

Letter from Paris: Emily Powell sees hope for conservation at COP 21

Appalachian LCC

FWS Northeast Regional Director Comments on National Academy of Sciences Review of LCCs

Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks LCC

Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council (Council) Approves Funding for 45 Environmental Projects

Tidal Saline Wetland Gallery

Greg Wathen Comments on the National Academy of Sciences Review of LCCs


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76th Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference     January 24-27, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Read More >>

Minnesota Climate Adaptation Conference: Transforming Awareness into Action    January 28, 2016 in Minneapolis, MN.  Read More >> 


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Cape Cod Partners Hear from Climate Researcher     Radley Horton, NE CSC Principal Investigator at Columbia University recently visited Hyannis to contribute the annual Cape Coastal Conference.  Read More >> 

Long Term Climate Change Study with Help from up to 15,000 Eastern Brook Trout      Work by NE CSC researchers Ben Letcher (USGS and UMass), Keith Nislow (Forest Service and UMass) and Andrew Whiteley (UMass) show that high summer air temperatures have a large influence on Eastern brook trout, in particular on the smallest fry and eggs, which are most important to wild trout abundance in streams. Read More >>  

Northeast’s Above-Average Fall Temperatures    Mike Rawlins, NE CSC researcher and Manger of the Climate System Research Center at UMass reports that observations show that daily max temperatures, averaged over (meteorological) fall, will establish a new record at many locations across the Northeast.  Read More >>  and See the Video >>

SW CSC Director Appointed to Prestigious Position on Science Editorial Board     Stephen T. Jackson has been appointed to the Board of Reviewing Editors for Science.     Read More >> 

New Book “Greening the Global Economy”     Robert N. Pollin, UMass distinguished professor in Economics and co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute writes that it is possible to reduce greenhouse gases in the environment and still maintain economic growth.  Read More >>

TNC Launches Resiliency Analysis for the Great Lakes Region     TNC has developed a new approach to estimate which areas of the landscape might be most able to adapt to changing conditions. Read More >>

Climate Change Could Cause Giant Flying Boulders?   Climate Scientist James Hansen takes a close look at the topography of the Bahamas.  Read More >>


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New Vegetation Models Serve as "Story-telling Tools" to Help Protect Habitat for Spotted Owls and Sage Grouse     Researchers are working to incorporate information from global climate models, process-based models, specific vegetation models and human activities to look at the interactive effects of climate and management on habitats and wildlife.  Read More >>

North Central CSC: Bringing Together Scientists and Managers to Guide Our Work    The NC CSC recently released a summary report and video highlighting key elements of its May 2015 Open Science Conference held at Colorado State University.  Read More >>

Publication: "Assessing climate change vulnerability in fisheries and aquaculture”    FAO publication by Cecile Brug and Cassandra De Young.  Read More >>

New Climate Change Model Results Developed for Minnesota Forests     Researchers at Portland State University and the USFS Northern Research Station have developed new model projections to illustrate potential changes in northern Minnesota forests. Read More >> 

Segmenting Americans by Environmental Attitudes     The latest from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies characterizes nine types of people from green to brown. Read More >> 

Climate Central Tool Provides Climate Projections for your Zip Code   People can go to the website for weather and learn about climate too.  Read More >>


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Internship Opportunity (in Space!):  NASA Student Airborne Research Program     For undergraduates who will be rising seniors in summer 2016.   Deadline is February 2, 2016.  Read More>>

Climate Adaptation Leadership Award for Natural Resources     Sponsored by the National Fish, Wildlife and Plant Climate Adaptation Strategy.  Deadline is January 8, 2016.  Read More >>  

Job Opportunity:  Permanent Research Position     USGS Aquatic Ecology Lab.  Leetown, VA. Deadline December 24, 2015.  Read More >>

Job Opportunity:  Climate Integration & Outreach Associate     The position will be based at the Southeast Regional Climate Center at UNC Chapel Hill and will be part of the CISA.  Deadline is January 29, 2016.  Read More >>

Job Opportunity: Geologist IV     Kentucky Geological Survey, University of Kentucky.  Deadline is January 7.  Read More >>

Job Opportunity: Assistant Professor     Environmental and Forest Sciences, College of the Environment, University of Washington.  Read More >>

Job Opportunity:  Assistant/Associate/Full Professor     Human or Physical Dimensions of Climate Change, University of Idaho.  Read More >>

Funding Opportunity: BIA's Tribal Climate Resilience Program    Solicitation "Program to Identify and Address Climate Science Needs for Improved Climate Change Adaptation- Tribal Climate Science Liaisons” deadline is February 12, 2016.  Read More >> 

Funding Opportunity: The National Academy of Sciences Gulf Research Program     "Informing Coastal Community Planning and Response to Environmental Change in Regions with Offshore Oil and Gas Operation.” Deadline February 17, 2016.  Read More >> 

Funding Opportunity:  NOAA K-12 Environmental Literacy Grants Opportunity open to tribes, schools and colleges.   Deadline February 8, 2016.  Read More >>

Funding Opportunity:  Northwest CSC Ecological Drought     Solicitation for "Innovative Approaches to Ecological Drought". Deadline January 20, 2016.  Read More >>

Postdoctoral Research Fellows:  Coastal Resilience     With the Department of Homeland Security at Chapel Hill, NC.  Read More >> 

Fellowship Opportunities: Early-Career Research and Science Policy Fellowships     Gulf Research Program of the National Academy of Sciences.  Due February 17, 2016.  Read More >> 

Summer Course in Brazil     In Natal in August:  "Towards more resilient oceans: Predicting and projecting future changes in the ocean and their impacts on human societies.”  Read More >>


------ WEBINARS: --------------------------------------------------------

Wednesday, January 13, 1:00pm EST

National Adaptation Forum Webinar Series

Natural Coastal Infrastructure

To join, visit:


Wednesday, January 6, 12:00pm EST

OneNOAA Science Seminar Series presents

Place-based Assessments on the Status of Coastal Ecosystem health and stressor impacts: Support for ONMS, NERRS, and ORR/NRDA

Cynthia Cooksey, Marine Biologist, NOAA/NOS/NCCOS Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research

To join, visit:


Tuesday, January 20, EST

USDA Northeast Regional Climate Hub

Best Management Practices for On-Farm Climate Change Resilience in the Northeast: Social, Ecological and Economic Implications

David Conner and Rachel Schattman, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

To Join, Visit:


Tuesday, February 2, 3:00pm EST 

The National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center (NCCWSC)

Visualizing the Impact of Future Climate on Pine Forests

Ryan Boyles, University Lead for the Southeast Climate Science Center

To Register, visit:


Thursday, February 11, 1:00pm EST

Ecosystem-Based Management Tools Network presents

Maps and Datasets for Blue Carbon Habitats

Karen Richardson, Commission for Environmental Cooperation

To register, visit:



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