NE CSC 2012 Annual Report now available

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Joel Trick, USFWS

The Northeast Climate Science Center recently produced its 2012 Annual Report, the first since the CSC was established in March 2012.  The document details the research capacity of the NE CSC Consortium, highlights several projects and research areas, and sets out the Priority Science Themes

established through stakeholder feedback during the CSC's first year of operation.  During a year of unprecedented climate impacts to the natural resources of the Northeast region, the NE CSC assembled a leadership team to guide the enterprise in expanding its stakeholder base and delivering high quality science.  The first steps of the CSC included completing a Draft Strategic Science Agenda, establishing a Stakeholder Advisory Committee, hosting 2 Stakeholder Outreach and Science Planning Meetings, funding $550,000 in stakeholder-driven climate research, and training the first 15 Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellows in stakeholder-driven climate science techniques.  

2012 was an important year for climate in the Northeast US.  Many records were set for average warmth, earliest spring, lowest Great Lakes water levels, and warmest sea surface temperatures off the Northeast Shelf. 

Read more about climate trends as well as the people and the research behind NE CSC activities accomplished in 2012!

-->  Download 2012 Annual Report


Photo: Karner blue butterly on Hawkweed (credit: Joel Trick, USFWS)