Northeast Climate Science Center Communications Plan

TitleNortheast Climate Science Center Communications Plan
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsCenter, Northeast Climate Sc
InstitutionUMass Amherst, host institution of the NE CSC
CityAmherst, MA
Keywordsaudience, climate, communication, outreach, partners, stakeholders, translation

The NE CSC will communicate the best available climate science, management information, and tools for the Northeast regional natural/cultural resource community to: 1) improve access to this science to facilitate its use in decision-making and adaptation; 2) create and improve communications between scientists and natural/cultural resource managers; 3) enhance opportunities to address priority science needs and conduct high impact science; 4) document feedback from the natural/cultural resource community on evolution of priority science needs; and 5) facilitate improved decision making, adaptation, and management as a result of new climate impact science.

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