Holocene perspectives on future climate change

TitleHolocene perspectives on future climate change
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBradley, Raymond S.
EditorBattarbee, R.W., and Binney H.A.
Book TitleNatural Climate Variability and Global Warming: a Holocene Perspective
Keywordsclimate, Holocene

Whilst there is now overwhelming evidence that greenhouse-gaspollution is becoming the dominant process responsible for globalwarming, it is also clear that the climate system varies quitenaturally on different time-scales. Predicting the course of futureclimate change consequently requires an understanding of thenatural variability of the climate system as well as the effects ofhuman-induced change. This book is concerned with our currentunderstanding of natural climate change, its variability on decadalto centennial time-scales, the extent to which climate models ofdifferent kinds simulate past variability, and the role of pastclimate variability in explaining changes to natural ecosystems andto human society over the later part of the Holocene. The bookhighlights the need to improve not only our understanding of thephysical system through time but also to improve our knowledge ofhow people may have influenced the climate system in the past andhave been influenced by it, both directly and indirectly.