High-resolution paleoclimatology

TitleHigh-resolution paleoclimatology
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBradley, Raymond S.
EditorHughes, M.K., Swetnam T.W., and Diaz Henry F.
Book TitleDendroclimatology: Progress and Prospects
Series TitleDevelopments in Paleoenvironmental Research
Keywordsclimate, paleoclimatology

High resolution paleoclimatology involves studies of natural archives as proxies for past climate variations at a temporal scale that is comparable to that of instrumental data. In practice, this generally means annually resolved records, from tree rings, ice cores, banded corals, laminated speleothems and varved sediments. New analytical techniques offer many unexplored avenues of research in high resolution paleoclimatology. However, critical issues involving accuracy of the chronology, reproducibility of the record, frequency response to forcing and other factors, and calibration of the proxies remain. Studies of proxies at high resolution provide opportunities to examine the frequency and magnitude of extreme events over time, and their relationships to forcing, and such studies may be of particular relevance to societal concerns.