Global climate change and terrestrial net primary production

TitleGlobal climate change and terrestrial net primary production
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsMelillo, Jerry M., A. McGuire David, Kicklighter David W., Moore Berrien, Vörösmarty Charles J., and Schloss Annette L.
Pagination234 - 240
Date Published5/1993
Keywordsallocation, CO2 ENRICHMENT, ELEVATED CO2, forests, GROWTH, LIMITATION, Multidisciplinary Sciences, nitrogen, NUTRITION, RESPONSES, SENSITIVITY

A process-based model was used to estimate global patterns of net primary production and soil nitrogen cycling for contemporary climate conditions and current atmospheric C02 concentration. Over half of the global annual net primary production was estimated to occur in the tropics, with most of the production attributable to tropical evergreen forest. The effects of C02 doubling and associated climate changes were also explored. The responses in tropical and dry temperate ecosystems were dominated by C02, but those in northern and moist temperate ecosystems reflected the effects of temperature on nitrogen availability.