Effects of changing climate on ice cover in three morphometrically different lakes

TitleEffects of changing climate on ice cover in three morphometrically different lakes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMagee, Madeline R., and Wu Chin H.
JournalHydrological Processes
Pagination308 - 323
Date PublishedAug-27-2016
Keywordsclimate change, ice cover, lake morphometry, lakes, long‐term trend

A one‐dimensional hydrodynamic lake model (DYRESM‐WQ‐I) is employed to simulate ice cover and water temperatures over the period 1911–2014. The effects of climate changes (air temperature and wind speed) on ice cover (ice‐on, ice‐off, ice cover duration, and maximum ice thickness) are modeled and compared for the three different morphometry lakes: Fish Lake, Lake Wingra, and Lake Mendota, located in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. It is found that the ice cover period has decreased due to later ice‐on dates and earlier ice‐off dates, and the annual maximum ice cover thickness has decreased for the three lakes during the last century. Based upon simulated perturbations of daily mean air temperatures across the range of −10°C to +10°C of historical values, Fish Lake has the most occurrences of no ice cover and Lake Wingra still remains ice covered under extreme conditions (+10°C). Overall, shallower lakes with larger surface areas appear more resilient to ice cover changes caused by climate changes.

Short TitleHydrol. Process.