Distinguishing the Roles of Natural and Anthropogenically Forced Decadal Climate Variability

TitleDistinguishing the Roles of Natural and Anthropogenically Forced Decadal Climate Variability
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsSolomon, Amy, Goddard Lisa, Kumar Arun, Carton James, Deser Clara, Fukumori Ichiro, Greene Arthur M., Hegerl Gabriele, Kirtman Ben, Kushnir Yochanan, Newman Matthew, Smith Doug, Vimont Daniel J., Delworth Tom, Meehl Gerald A., and Stockdale Timothy
JournalBulletin of the American Meteorological Society
Pagination141 - 156
Date Published02/2011
Keywordsadaptation strategies, decadal variations, predictability

Given that over the course of the next 10–30 years the magnitude of natural decadal variations may rival that of anthropogenically forced climate change on regional scales, it is envisioned that initialized decadal predictions will provide important information for climate-related management and adaptation decisions. Such predictions are presently one of the grand challenges for the climate community. This requires identifying those physical phenomena—and their model equivalents—that may provide additional predictability on decadal time scales, including an assessment of the physical processes through which anthropogenic forcing may interact with or project upon natural variability. Such a physical framework is necessary to provide a consistent assessment (and insight into potential improvement) of the decadal prediction experiments planned to be assessed as part of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report.