Developing a decision-support process for landscape conservation design

TitleDeveloping a decision-support process for landscape conservation design
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsBonnot, Thomas W., D. Jones-Farrand Todd, Thompson Frank R., Millspaugh Joshua J., Fitzgerald Jane A., Muenks Nate;, Hanberry Phillip, Stroh Esther, Heggemann Larry, Fowler Allison, Howery Mark, Hammond Shea, and Evans Kristine
InstitutionU.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Research Station
Report NumberGen. Tech. Rep. NRS-190

Planning for sustainable landscapes is hampered by uncertainty in how species will respond to conservation actions amidst impacts from landscape and climate change. Planning decisions, including tradeoffs among competing species objectives, are complex. We developed a decision-support framework that integrates dynamic-landscape metapopulation models (DLMPs) and structured decision making (SDM) to help guide landscape conservation design. With this framework, we demonstrated that planning for viable populations across broad scales can be achieved under global change. Furthermore, the integration of DLMPs with SDM enabled decisions to be more objective and transparent, and thus, more defensible.