Acadia National Park Climate Change Scenario Planning Workshop Summary

TitleAcadia National Park Climate Change Scenario Planning Workshop Summary
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsStar, Jonathan, Fisichelli Nicholas, Bryan Alexander, Babson Amanda, Cole-Will Rebecca, and Miller-Rushing Abraham J.
Conference NameAcadia National Park Climate Change Scenario Planning Workshop
Date PublishedOct-6-2015
PublisherNational Park Service
Conference LocationAcadia National Park, ME
Keywordsecosystem management, infrastructure, Scenario planning, staffing

This report summarizes outcomes from a two-day scenario planning workshop for Acadia National Park, Maine (ACAD). The primary objective of the workshop was to help ACAD senior leadership make management and planning decisions based on up-to-date climate science and assessments of future uncertainty. The workshop was also designed as a training program, helping build participants' capabilities to develop and use scenarios. The details of the workshop are given in later sections. The climate scenarios presented here are based on published global climate model output. The scenario implications for resources and management decisions are based on expert knowledge distilled through scientist-manager interaction during workgroup break-out sessions at the workshop. Thus, the descriptions below are from these small-group discussions in a workshop setting and should not be taken as vetted research statements of responses to the climate scenarios, but rather as insights and examinations of possible futures (Martin et al. 2011, McBride et al. 2012).