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Pitch Pine

"Characterizing Canopy Fuels as They Affect Fire Behavior in Pitch Pine," Master's Thesis by Matthew Duveneck (1.2MB pdf)

An overview by the University of New Hampshire of Pine Barrens in the Northeast (2005) (html)

Hand Out: Fire Issues Unique to the Northeastern Area of the United States (1MB pdf)

Fire Management Plan for Montague Plain Wildlife Management Area (Clark and Patterson 2003) (2MB pdf)

Conceptual Models for the Long Island pitch pine barrens: implications for managing rare plant communities (Jordan, M., et al. 2003) (703KB pdf)

History and Dynamics of a Ridgetop Pitch Pine Community: Mount Everett, Massachusetts (Motzkin and Foster, 2001) (10.4MB pdf)

Restoring Fire in the Ossippee Pine Barrens--a Nature Conserancy Brochure (1.8MB pdf)

Vegetation development in a southern Maine pitch pine-scrub oak barren (Copenheaver, et al. 2000) (2.9MB pdf)

Historical Changes in the pine barrens of Central Suffolk County, NY (Kurczewski and Boyle, 2000) (html)

Historic and prehistoric changes in the Rome, New York pine barrens (Kurczewski and Boyle, 2000) (html)

Vegetation and Fire History of the Dwarf Pine Ridges, Shawangunk Mountains, New York (Laing 1994) (7.0 MB pdf)

Conservation Goals and Objectives for the Albany Pine Bush Preserve (Gebauer 1993) (5.3MB pdf)

Annotated Bibliography of Publications concerning Pitch Pine or Barrens in the Northeast (14KB pdf)

The Modern and Historic Fire Regimes of Central Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (Mouw 2002) (text: 261KB pdf; Figures and Tables: 146KB pdf)


Invasive Species

Characteristics of Fuel Beds Invaded by Smilax rotundifolia (Ohman MS thesis 2006) (457 KB)

Timing Treatments to the Phenology of Root Carbohydrate Reserves to Control Woody Invasive Plants (Richburg doctoral dissertation 2005) (910KB pdf)

Fire Management Options for Controlling Woody Invasive Plants in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic U.S. (Richburg, Patterson, Ohman 2004) (651KB pdf)

"Using Fire to Control Invasive Plants: What’s New, What Works in the Northeast" 2003 Workshop Proceedings (731KB pdf)

Woody Invasive Species and their Role in Altering Fire Regimes of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States (Richburg, et al. 2002) (pdf)

Fuel Bed Characteristics in Invaded and Uninvaded Forest Stands (Dibble, Rees, Ducey, Patterson) (html)


Fuel Treatments

Distribution of Rare Plants on the Central Plain of Martha's Vineyard: Implications for Conservation and Management (Clarke MS thesis 2006) ( 1.13 MB pdf)

Land Management Implications for Hemileuca maia (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) Habitat at Manuel F. Correllus State Forest, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (Haggerty MS thesis 2006) (584 KB pdf)

Manuel F. Correllus State Forest JFSP Report: "Wildland Fuel Management Options for the Central Plains of Martha’s Vineyard: Impacts on Fuel Loads, Fire Behavior and Rare Plant and Insect Species" (Patterson, Clarke, Haggerty, et al. May 2005) (2.9MB pdf)

The Effects of Brush Cutting and Burning on Fuel Beds and Fire Behavior in Pine-Oak Forests of Cape Cod National Seashore (Norton-Jensen 2005) (423 KB pdf)

Field Guide for Fuels Demonstration Tour (June 2004) in Massachusetts (1.7MB pdf)

Ecological Restoration of Fire-Maintained Oak Woodlands in Massachusetts (Hawthorne MS thesis 2004) (852KB pdf)

JFSP Final report on “Real-Time Evaluation of Effects of Fuel-Treatments and Other Previous Land Management Activities on Fire Behavior during Wildfires" (Fites, et al. 2004) (852KB pdf)

Fire Management Plan for the Maine Army National Guard Hollis Training Site, York County, Maine (Patterson and Duveneck revised 2004) (1.29MB pdf)

Restoration of Midwest Oak Barrens: Structural Manipulation or Process-only? (Nielsen, et al. 2003) (html)

"Post-fire Stand Development and Potential Fire Behavior for the Ossipee Pine Barrens Preserve, New Hampshire" (Patterson 2001) (7.9MB pdf)

Determining the Optimal Prescribed Burn Frequency for Ecological Restoration in the Pitch Pine-Scrub Oak Barrens of Hollis, Maine (Nelson 2001) (16.6MB pdf)

"Post-fire Stand Development and Potential Fire Behavior for the Waterboro Barrens, Southwestern Maine" (Patterson 1999) (3.9MB pdf)

"Prescribed Fire Behavior and Custom Fuel Modeling in the Pitch Pine-Scrub Oak Barrens and Pine-Oak Forests of New England" (Woodall 1998) (16.9MB pdf)


Paleoecology of Calf Island in Boston's Outer Harbor (Patterson, et al. 2005) (4.3MB pdf)

Historical Description of the Vegetation of the Boston Harbor Islands: 1600-2000 (Richburg and Patterson 2005) (997KB pdf)

Miles Standish State Forest - From the Ice Age to the Present (1.2MB pdf)

Indian Fires in the Prehistory of New England (Patterson and Sassaman 1988) (6.3MB pdf)

Microscopic Charcoal as a Fossil Indicator of Fire (Patterson, Edwards, Maguire 1987) (6.7MB pdf)



Acorn size and geographical range in the North American oaks (Quercus L.) (Aizen and Patterson 1990)
(513 KB pdf)

Do big acorns matter? - a reply to R.J. Jensen (Aizen and Patterson 1992) (200 KB pdf)

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