Embedded Processors based on Spin Wave Functions (SPWFs)

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in Proceedings of IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Nanoscale Architectures (NanoArch)


pp. 32-33

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Spin Wave Functions (SPWFs) realize computation with spin waves, offering several benefits and new features over CMOS. SPWF technology potentially opens up new directions for designing microprocessors with increased capabilities over current implementations. Towards this end, as a preliminary work an 8-bit embedded processor is explored here using SPWFs and evaluated in terms of its power, area and performance using analytical estimates. A CMOS 8-bit processor implemented in an equivalent technology node is synthesized with CAD tools for comparison. Estimates show that the SPWF processor can have
up to 40x lower power and 27x smaller area, thus showing great potential for realizing game-changing microprocessors in future.