Cool-Cache: A Compiler-Enabled Energy Efficient Data Caching Framework for Embedded/Multimedia Processors

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Embedded Computing Systems

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pp. 373-392

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The unique characteristics of multimedia/embedded applications dictate media-sensitive architectural and compiler approaches to reduce the power consumption of the data cache. Our goal is exploring energy savings for embedded/multimedia workloads without sacrificing performance. Here, we present two complementary media-sensitive energy-saving techniques that leverage static information. While our first technique is applicable to existing architectures, in our second technique we adopt a more radical approach and propose a new tagless caching architecture by reevaluating the architecture–compiler interface. Our experiments show that substantial energy savings are possible in the data cache. Across a wide range of cache and architectural configurations, we obtain up to 77% energy savings, while the performance varies from 14% improvement to 4% degradation depending on the application.

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