Experimental Prototyping of Nanowire Computing Fabrics

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Our research on experimental prototyping involves validation of experimental process steps necessary for large scale assembly of nanowire fabrics, material and device characterizations, and proof of concept demonstration of fabric prototype. Over the years we have made tremendous progress towards prototyping of integrated nanowire fabrics. We have developed manufacturing pathway for large scale assembly, established a framework for prototyping using process, device simulations and experimental metrology, demonstrated key process steps, fabricated sub-20nm nanowires with smooth profiles, valuated core device concept with good IV characteristics and showed single stage of nanowire fabric.

Our current research focus in this direction includes-

Demonstration of key steps for vertically integrated nanowire fabric: We are interested in demonstrating key steps for Skybridge fabric integration; our exploration includes- dense vertical nanowire array patterning, optimization of deposition techniques for anisotropic material deposition, 3-D photoresist structure creation on vertical nanowires, stacking of vertical Gate-All-Around Junctionless transistors in nanowires, fabrication of coaxial routing structure, and characterizations.

Opportunistic exploration of low cost assembly techniques: In collaboration with Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing (CHM) at UMass, we are interested in developing low cost scalable assembly techniques for large scale manufacturing of nanowire fabrics. Research in this direction includes exploration of CHM test beds- Hierarchical Metal Oxide Films and Roll-to-Roll for assembly of 2-D and 3-D nanowire fabrics.