Publications Directory

These materials cover a wide range of published resources on topics related to water monitoring. Some date back to the 1990s, and may be outdated - e.g. with links or contact information that no longer work, missing graphics, etc. We offer them “as is” for your use.

Watershed Ecology

MassWWP Fact Sheets on on Chloride, High pH, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus.

Riparian Forest Buffers: Function and design for protection and enhancement of water resources (1991)
USDA NA-PR-07-91. Northeast Area Forest Resources Management, Radnor, PA

Getting Organized

A Typical Monitoring Calendar Year (MassWWP)

Volunteer Monitoring newsletters.
Newsletters from several publishers might be found here:

Planning a Survey

Writing a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP):
The Volunteer Monitor’s Guide to Quality Assurance Project Plans (EPA)

The Massachusetts Volunteer Monitor’s Guidebook to Quality Assurance Project Plans.
Used in conjunction with EPA Volunteer Monitor’s Guide to QAPPs. Provides more detailed explanation of information that needs to be provided, where to find supporting information, and examples of how to present the information.

Massachusetts Volunteer Coastal Monitoring General Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)

Massachusetts Volunteer Inland Monitoring General Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)
Both of these General QAPPs provide a template for writing a QAPP that is specific to your project. Much of the information given can be used directly for your project-specific QAPP.

The Massachusetts Lake and Pond Guide (Massachusetts DCR)

Total Maximum Daily Loads
This DEP page gives background information on TMDLs and links to specific TMDL publications for various basins.

River Monitoring Study Design Workbook Geoff Dates, River Network

Study Design Workbook (Volunteer Environmental Monitoring Network)

VEMN Guide to Volunteer Watershed Monitoring Options in the Merrimack River Watershed

Conducting a Survey

Shoreline Survey Resources

Aquatic and Wetland plants of northeastern North America (2000)
by Garrett Crow and C. Barre Hellquist.

Aquatic Entomology (1981)
a 450-page illustrated layperson's guide to aquatic macroinvertebrates (insects and non-insect) and stream ecology by W. Patrick McAfferty.

A Citizen's Guide to Volunteer Lake Watershed Surveys. How to Conduct a Nonpoint Source Phosphorus Survey (2011)
Based on 1997 publication by Maine Dept of Environment Protection and Congress of Lake Associations

DRAFT Watershed Survey Manual for Lakes and Rivers (MassWWP, 2000)

Environmental Stewardship in the Gulf of Maine: A Coordinator's Manual for Volunteer Monitoring (2002)
Published by University of Maine Cooperative Extension/Maine Coastal Program of the State Planning Office this 90 page manual is designed to be used by environmental monitoring groups to develop and evaluate their own organizational structure. While this is not a methods manual, it does provide environmental monitoring guidance and support with respect to the human element of working with groups. While coastal water quality monitoring has been used as the primary example in this document, the organizational and planning information is relevant to any community-based environmental monitoring initiative or group conservation work. This manual contains a self-evaluation that will help you assess the status of your program. Topics included in the manual are: program planning, study design, fundraising, outreach/education, sustaining volunteers and more. For communities contemplating starting a new program, most if not all sections will be relevant. For the seasoned monitoring group this manual can help you revisit your program's goals and objectives; reinvigorate your monitors; or refocus your efforts.

A Guide to Aquatic Plants in Massachusetts
Wanda Kelly, New England Aquarium

A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America by J. Reese Voshell Jr., 2002

An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America (1996)
An 862-page manual by R.W. Merritt and K.W. Cummins which is suited for professionals. Contains detailed technical information about aquatic insect ecology and taxonomy.

Lakewalk Manual: A Guidebook for Citizen Participation

Lake Volunteer Water Quality Manual (MassWWP, 2003)

MassWWP Manual for Volunteer Water Quality Monitors (Rivers) revised 1999

Marine Animals of Southern New England and New York (1995)
Identification keys to common nearshore and shallow water macrofauna Connecticut DEP

Procedure for Monitoring an Aquatic Plant Problem
Richard McVoy, Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection

Through the Looking Glass: A Field Guide to Aquatic Plants
published by Wisconsin Lakes Partnership and the University of Wisconsin-Extension/Stevens Point.

A volunteer's handbook for salt marsh monitoring in New England (2002)

What to do with Data

Data Interpretation Manual (MassWWP, 2002)

Excel Spreadsheets for Data Analysis: Two utilities to organize and graph chemical and macroinvertebrate data. The macroinvertebrate utility also includes automatic calculation of statistical summaries of a data set. Both utilities (bugchartmaster.xls and bugdataforms.xls) are accompanied by a guidance document that will step you through the process of entering data and creating different styles of graphs.

MassWWP Data Management Manual (1999)

Ready, Set, Present! A data presentation manual for volunteer water quality monitoring groups (MassWWP, 1999)

Turning Monitoring Data into Useful Information (MassWWP)

Program Review/Action

Your Lake & You . This tabloid size NALMS publication has been described as "simply incredible". The 8-page publication explains how homeowners can do their part to protect their lake. It is also loaded with descriptions of resource publications.

Life on the Edge... Owning Waterfront Property (1994)
by M.D. Dresen and R. M. Korth, University of Wisconsin-Extension

Protecting Water Quality in Urban Areas (2000)
a publication of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Water Quality Division. This handbook is designed to help people become more aware of nonpoint source pollution problems, and to provide detailed information about management practices which help prevent and control it.

FINAL GENERIC ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT - Eutrophication and Aquatic Plant Management in Massachusetts (2004)
Guidance to lake and pond managers, conservation commissions and citizens concerned with lake management issues. Describes technical approaches and management options for control of aquatic vegetation.