Equipment List

Here are some suppliers that we’ve dealt with. Other sources exist for some of these items.

Open this Excel file to see a list of suppliers' part numbers with urls for each, current as of March 2016.

Secchi/Temperature Suppliers
Secchi Disk Aquacenter, Water Monitoring Equipment & Supply
Viewscope Water Monitoring Equipment & Supply
Thermometer Hach
Max/Min Thermometer Forestry Suppliers
Rope Hardware Store
Dissolved Oxygen
Van Dorn Sampler, DO sampler (Hach) or Similar WILDCO, Hach
Polypropylene Rope Hardware Store
DO Bottle, 60ml or 300 ml Hach
Digital Titrator Hach
DO Reagents, Sodium Thiosulfate Cartridge, Starch Solution Hach
Sodium Thiosulfate Cartridge, Starch Solution Hach
Magnetic Stirrer, Stir Bar Cole Parmer, Hach
Vacuum Pump Cole Parmer
Filter Forceps Cole Parmer
Glass Fiber Filter Cole Parmer
2 Liter Jar Hach
Mag. Filter Holder VWR
Filter Flask Cole Parmer
Grad Cyl 500ml, 50ml Hach
pH, Alkalinity
Beaker 150 ml Hach
Grad Cyl 100ml Hach
Digital Titrator Hach
Sample bottle Hach
Sulf. Acid Cart. Hach
pH Meter Package VWR
Electrode Refill Solutions, Buffers, etc. VWR
Wash Bottle, 500ml Hach
Depth Finder Forestry Suppliers
Fiberglass Tape (50m) Forestry Suppliers
Min/Max Termometer Forestry Suppliers
Sample Collection Staff (homemade) Assembly Instructions
Benthic Macroinvertebrates
200 Foot Tape Forestry Suppliers
Kick Net Wildco
Sieve #30 (500µm) VWR
Plastic Sorting Tray VWR
Dissecting Kit Forestry Suppliers
Small Vials Cole Parmer
Dissecting Scope (20X/40X) Edmund Optics
Magnifying Lamp Northern Tool
Petri Dishes VWR
Shoulder-Length Gloves Ben Meadows
Sieve Bucket Ben Meadows

Equipment Suppliers

Ben Meadows Company

Cole Parmer

Edmund Industrial Optics

Forestry Suppliers

Hach Co.

Northern Tool


VWR Scientific

Watering Monitoring Equipment & Supply