Protocols for Physical, Chemical, and Biological Water Quality Parameters

Click on the parameters below to open PDF documents detailing sampling methods (analysis methods sometimes included).

EPA = U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
SM = Standard Methods
MWWP = Massachusetts Water Watch Partnership

Please note that some of the protocols listed for EPA and SM may be outdated. Newer versions may exist.

Parameter Field Methods Lab Methods
Alkalinity, as CaCO3, mg/L MWWP Lakes
MWWP Rivers
EPA 310.1 single end-point
SM 2320B
MWWP double end-point
Ammonia (as N), mg/L n/a EPA 350.2 titration
EPA 350.3 probe
SM 4500-NH3 distillation & titration
SM 4500-NH3 selective electrode
SM 4500-NH3 phenate
Benthic Macroinvertebrates Collecting Sorting
BOD n/a EPA 405.1
SM 5210B 5-day BOD
Chlorophyll MWWP Lakes SM 10200 H
Color n/a EPA 110.1 spectrophotometric
EPA 110.2 platinum cobalt comparison
SM 2120
Coliform Bacteria SM 9060A
MWWP Lakes
MWWP Rivers
SM 9010-9040 intro & quality control
SM 9222B
Kjeldahl Nitrogen n/a EPA 351.3
SM 4500N-organic
Nitrate (as N), mg/l n/a EPA 353.3
SM 4500 NO3 E cadmium reduction
Oxygen, dissolved MWWP Lakes
MWWP Rivers
EPA 360.1 probe
EPA 360.2 titration
SM 4500-O A,B,C iodometric
SM 4500-O A,G probe
Hach Azide Modification of Winkler. 8215 and 8332
pH MWWP Lakes
MWWP Rivers
EPA 150.1
SM 4500-H B
Phosphorous, total MWWP EPA 365.2 single reagent
EPA 365.3 double reagent
SM 4500-P E
MWWP low range
Solids, total n/a SM 2540 B
Residue, filterable
Solids, suspended
n/a EPA 160.1
SM 2540 C
Residue, non-filterable
Solids, dissolved
n/a EPA 160.2
SM 2540 D
Solids, settleable n/a SM 2540 F
Salinity n/a SM 2520 4 methods
Specific Conductance n/a EPA 120.1
SM 2510 B
Temperature MWWP Lakes
MWWP Rivers
EPA 170.1
SM 2550 B
Turbidity n/a EPA 180.1
SM 2130
SM 9222 D membrane filtration-fc