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Tuesday AM Recital Request Form



  1. Please fill out the Google doc form entirely and hit Submit. Incomplete applications will not be approved. The student is responsible for checking spelling, dates, opus numbers, etc. An exact timing of performance is required. (No approximations) Performances must be under 10 minutes unless special permission is granted from the Recital Coordinator.  Your studio teacher must read and approve all applications.
  2. Submit the online Google doc. If you have questions, contact Prof. Michal:  Form is due no later than 5:00pm on the Wednesday prior to the performance date and no earlier than one month prior.  Late applications will only be accepted in special circumstances.
  3. The program will be confirmed by 5pm on the Friday before the preferred performance date.  No changes will be accepted after this time.


Click here for the Tuesday AM Recital Request Form
(Fill out Google document online and hit Submit)

Click here for a pdf of these Instructions


String Chamber