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Schedule: Symposium & Concerts

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This event will not be live; it will be presented in an online format.
The Symposium will take place via Zoom. To receive a link to the Zoom meeting, please register at
Concerts will be streamed on YouTube. (Description and channel)

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Friday, April 17

9:30am Welcoming Remarks

Salvatore Macchia (Chair, Department of Music and Dance)
Julie C. Hayes (Dean, College of Humanities and Fine Arts)


9:45am Tasso in Music Project: Reflections and Future Directions

Emiliano Ricciardi (University of Massachusetts Amherst)


10:30am Music in Tasso’s Poetic and Theoretical Output

Corrado Confalonieri (Wesleyan University)   Abstract
“Tasso, Poetics, and ragion musica

Francesco Brenna (Indiana University Bloomington)   Abstract
“Music and Verse: Thoughts on Tasso’s verso sciolto


11:30am Representing Emotion and Desire

Russell O’Rourke (Columbia University)   Abstract
“A Two-Stage Model for Emotional Arousal in Tasso, Zarlino, and Wert”

Lucia Marchi (DePaul University)   Abstract
“Tasso, Marenzio, and Lesbian Desire”


Originally scheduled to take place on Friday, April 17, the Les Canards Chantants concert will be streamed at a later date, to be announced.


Saturday, April 18

9:30am Sources and Transmission

Diego Perotti (University of Verona/University of Paris, Sorbonne)   Abstract
“Torquato Tasso’s Lyric Style in the Anthology for Carlo Gesualdo: The Manuscript II/3281, Real Biblioteca, Madrid”

Cecilia Luzzi (Liceo Musicale Petrarca, Arezzo)   Abstract
“Epistolary Networks and the Manuscript Circulation of Tasso’s Lyric Poems: Monte’s Setting of 'Già solevi parer vermiglia rosa’”

Paul Schleuse (Binghamton University)   Abstract
“Tasso Beyond the Court: The Poet’s Reception in Canzonetta Prints”


11:00am Composers as Readers/Translators

Marco Mangani (University of Florence)   Abstract
“Modality and Cadences as Exegetical Tools: On Select Settings of Tasso’s 'Non è questa la mano’”

Massimo Ossi (Indiana University Bloomington)   Abstract
“Sigismondo D’India Reads Tasso’s ‘Amico hai vinto’”

Jane Tylus (Yale University)   Abstract
“Tasso in (Musical) Translation”


2:00pm Concert, Palma Choralis (This concert WILL take place at this time, streamed online via YouTube)


Sunday, April 19

9:30am Questions of Genre

Seth Coluzzi (Colgate University)   Abstract
“Scenes, Cycles, Dramas, and Madrigals: Genre and Design in the Aminta Settings of Balsamino’s Novellette (1594)”

Tim Carter (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)   Abstract
“From Diegesis to Mimesis (and Back): Monteverdi, Tasso, and the Seventh Book of Madrigals (1619)”

Roseen Giles (Duke University)   Abstract
“Epic Laments: Tasso, Monteverdi, and the Madrigal”


11:00am Armida’s Otherness

Catherine Deutsch (University of Paris, Sorbonne)   Abstract
“Love in Time of War: Representing Otherness in L'Armida del Tasso by Francesco Eredi (1629)”

Eugenio Refini (New York University)   Abstract
“Armida (and) the Siren”

Kate Driscoll (University of California, Berkeley)   Abstract
“Armida at the World’s Edge:Refugee Statecraft as Regal Stagecraft in Baroque Opera and Beyond”