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Student Travel Awards



To assist qualified graduate/undergraduate students who have been selected/invited to perform/present at recognized conferences/festivals/competitions.


Graduate and undergraduate music and dance majors and minors, who are enrolled/active and in good academic standing in the Department of Music and Dance.


To make these awards in as transparent a fashion as possible, proposals for Department of Music and Dance Student Travel Awards are reviewed considering the criteria listed here.

Highest priority will be given to applicants seeking support for active involvement and meaningful participation in competitions / conferences / performances / festivals. Attendance at these events without direct and active involvement will normally not warrant funding. For example, an application from someone invited/selected to make a presentation at the Massachusetts Music Educators Association or American Musicological Society, or to perform at the Midwest Clinic or International Trumpet Guild, takes precedence over simply attending the conference.

The profile of the event is taken into consideration in deciding on the level of funding.  Among the considerations could be the geographical scope of an event (international, national, regional); its level of competitiveness, the prestige of the sponsoring organization, and other criteria.

For music minors, the funded events must be related to music or dance and not to their majors.

Preference may be given to applicants who have not recently received a Student Travel Award.



All funding is awarded by the Scholarship Committee with approval from the Department Chair.

Applications cannot be fully funded. Funding is intended to subsidize expenses, not to cover them in full.

Funds are disbursed only after the event. Those who have been awarded funding must provide itemized receipts* to the Department’s Business Manager within the academic year of the award (September 1 to May 1). Unclaimed award funding will be reallocated after the end of the academic year to assist other students’ travel.

Once the Committee makes an award, it is the student’s responsibility to complete a Pre- Travel Authorization Form. This form must be completed prior to travel or funds cannot be awarded. Once completed, that form must be submitted to the Department’s Business Manager, Colleen Wetzel. 

Graduate student travel may be funded at a higher level than undergraduate travel. In general, undergraduates will normally receive no more than $300, and graduate students will normally receive no more than $500, per fiscal year.



Complete the application found here.

If the event for which funding is requested occurs between semesters or during the summer months, a student must apply in the semester preceding the event. For example, a request for funding of an event in July 2018 must be submitted in spring semester 2018.  Intersession and summer travel awards will not be paid until students are active in SPIRE in January or September.

The deadline for submissions for academic year 2017 – 2018 is Monday, November 6, for fall semester and Monday, April 9, for spring semester.  Application for summer funding must be submitted no later than the last day of classes.

All documentation should be turned into the Chair of the Scholarship Committee electronically (currently Prof. John Bottomley,, information provided on the form.

The application requires faculty sponsorship. The Committee reserves the right to contact the faculty sponsor and discuss the event for which the student is seeking funding. 

Award notification will be made within two weeks of submission of an application.

Should you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of the Committee (currently Prof. John Bottomley).

*The Department of Music & Dance has a zero tolerance policy and will not reimburse any alcohol for students on travel.