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Spring 2021 Building/Room Protocols & Reservations



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Please note: As of March 24, 2021, the campus is in guarded risk operational posture, based on lower COVID-19 positivity rates.

This webpage provides an overview of some of the policies, procedures, and information to help guide you through this semester in the department. Please review this information thoroughly. 


  • Many staff will be working remotely full- or part-time, resulting in limited building staffing hours each week.
  • Please know that we are still available to help you and are doing everything possible to support you this semester.
  • As a first line of communication, please try to reach the person you need via email.
  • In the case of an emergency, please contact Campus Police by calling 413-545-3111. The non-emergency Campus Police line is 413-545-2121.

  • In the case of a facilities problem, please contact the Solutions Center at 413-545-6401



IMPORTANT: Building access will be extremely limited, and students will not be allowed to congregate apart from official department obligations.

COVID-19 Testing Required
In order to use the FAC (including studios, classrooms, practice rooms), you must be part of UMass's weekly testing. If all your courses are registered as remote and you are not participating in UMass's testing protocols, you must NOT use the building.

If you test positive or have a known positive contact, you must follow all guidelines given to you by the University and University Health Services about quarantining, isolation, and follow-up testing.

  • Please limit all socializing in the FAC, maintain social distancing rules, and follow good Covid-19 health and safety protocols.
  • The building is now marked with directional arrows and designated doors for entering and exiting.
  • All classrooms have a designated entry and exit door, as well as internal circulation pathways.
  • All rooms have designated spacing for occupants. We must adhere to these guidelines. 
  • Please only enter the building when you are required to be there.

  • Faculty studios are not to be used for student practice (this includes grad students). Please use the practice rooms and the booking system.

Building Hours    (starting Feb. 1)

M-F                  7am-10pm
Weekend         11am-5pm

Building Entrance - Small ramp on North Pleasant Street

  • You must enter the FAC through the small ramp, closest to the pond, on North Pleasant Street. (This is the door closest to the string and piano faculty studios).
  • For access to practice rooms or other rooms downstairs, you must go down the stairs to the left, just inside this door.
  • All other external doors will be locked at all times, including Bezanson Lobby.
  • Do not open doors to allow entry to the building from any other point.

Building Exit - Through Bezanson Lobby only



  • All students and staff are expected to clean all surfaces before and after they touch them.
  • Cleaning supplies are available in all rooms (Contact Ryan Dominik,, if supplies are low or missing.) 



  • Please use only designated receptacles for trash.
  • These will be limited so be sure to identify their locations for your use.
  • Individual rooms will not contain trash receptacles. This includes practice rooms.
  • All disposable cleaning products must be thrown away in designated hallway bins or taken offsite for disposal.




  • Reservations are strictly prohibited for in-person meetings, study sessions, or general use.
  • Classrooms (Rooms 150, 152, 154 and 155) are available for limited uses. Classroom 157 will remain in the booking system as a large brass practice room.
  • Reservations will be limited to chamber ensembles, in-person lessons, and other activities as approved by the Chair or the Facilities Coordinator.
  • Classroom reservations can be made through the booking system linked to below, up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Repetitive bookings or bookings that need to be made further in advance can be made directly through Ryan Dominik.
  • Please be sure that if you use a room, you have a reservation in the system. If the room is available, you can make a reservation on the spot.


  • Wind/Brass/Voice users are limited to one student and one instructor
  • Classrooms have a maximum occupancy of 5 people (instructor included) for other uses.

Direct bookings links:
1-hour Classroom booking
2-hour Classroom booking



Practice rooms are only available for undergraduate music majors and minors, music graduate students, and students currently enrolled in lessons and/or ensembles. Priority will go to undergraduate majors and minors and graduate students. We reserve the right to limit practice room access further if the need arises.

If you know of someone using the practice rooms that does not fit within these categories, please alert Angelie or Ryan.

If someone is in a room when you have a reservation, you can say something if you feel comfortable doing so. If not, it is suggested that you look for another availabe room, make a booking, and email Angelie or Ryan to notify them of the situation.

We will continue to use the self-serve practice room reservation system through Microsoft Bookings.  Reserve a practice room
This system allows us to limit the number of people congregating in the building, guarantee room availability for those with reservations, and build in a 30-minute buffer between reservations to allow air to circulate before the next person enters.

Please be mindful of the time when you are in the practice rooms. Someone may have a reservation after you, and be aware of the 30-minute buffer built in for air circulation. If you need more time, you can check the booking system and register for another slot at that time if it is available.

Guidelines for reserving practice rooms:

  • You will need to log in to your UMass account to make a reservation.
  • Reservations may be made up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • If you want to use an empty room, please make a reservation before you walk in to use it. This will continue to ensure time to allow for air circulation before and after use. You can use the QR code on the door to check the calendar to see when the room is free.
  • Reservations are only available during the building’s open hours.
  • Be considerate of others when reserving rooms. Provide advance notice for all cancellations.

  • Limit advance bookings to 2-3 hours per day. (Pianists can reserve up to 3 hours per day.) If you wish to use more than 2-3 hours per day, you must wait until 48 hours in advance to make your additional reservations.
  • Please click on the info button on each reservation type for more information. Different types and lengths of reservations are available. Some rooms are reserved for specific use only. Please respect these systems.


  • You MUST have a reservation to use a practice room.
  • Only ONE person is allowed in a practice room at a time.
  • You MUST wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before touching anything in the room.
  • You MUST wear a mask at all times except when removal is necessary to play your instrument.
  • You MUST wipe down the keyboard, doorknobs, bench/seat, and any other surfaces you touch.
  • Any trash, including wipes, must go in designated trash receptacles. There will be no trash bins in any of the practice rooms.

  • You MUST vacate the room at the end of your designated reservation time to allow for air circulation between occupants.
  • Please let Ryan Dominik ( know about any problems, including cleaning supply refills needed.
  • Do not place any objects on the pianos.
  • No food or drink allowed in the practice rooms. (A water bottle is okay).

Click here to reserve a practice room or classroom


  • Tech instruments will be distributed directly to your locker (except cello). If you do not have a locker, one will be assigned to you for this purpose.
  • For studio instruments, please coordinate with your applied studio instructor for further information.
  • Once you have received your instrument, please fill out an Instrument Loan Form.
  • Please have a plan to return your instrument should you have to return home for any reason.

Click here to fill out an Instrument Loan Form


  • The last Tuesday of each month, Professor Macchia invites you to a full department meeting, a joint meeting of students, staff and faculty
  • Reminder emails with zoom links will be sent out ahead of each meeting.
  • Next meeting: Tuesday, Feb. 23 at 11am. Check your email for the Zoom link




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