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Promote Your Event/Area

General rule: submit event details one month in advance to maximize exposure.

Below is an outline of promotion and deadlines for official, publicly-promoted Music & Dance events, including faculty/guest artist concerts, major ensemble performances, and lectures.

Printed event calendars  For faculty/guest artist concerts and major ensembles, please submit the following information to the Marketing Office by July 1 (for fall events) and November 10 (for spring events):

  • Event date/Time/Location
  • Artist(s) or Ensemble Name
  • Names of performers, conductors
  • Repertoire highlights, other relevant details

We also promote our official events using a variety of channels and promotional efforts, including online calendars (department, campus, and community), Facebook events, email blasts, press releases, and digital slides on campus.

To maximize the exposure of your event, be sure that the Marketing Office receives all of the information listed above at least one month prior to your event. For guest artists, 1-2 high-quality photos (300 dpi or better) and any available links (YouTube, etc.) are also useful.

Please send to both:
Matt Longhi, 413-545-0018
Eric Roth, 413-577-2154


Additional Ideas for Promotion

In addition to the publicity efforts listed above, we can advise faculty on additional ways to promote an upcoming event or project. Please visit or contact the Marketing office with any questions as far in advance as possible (ideally at least 6 weeks in advance). We’re here to help!

Posters, flyers - As a rule, the Marketing office does not produce flyers or posters for individual events. If you have secured advertising funding for your project/event, we can put you in touch with UMass Print Services or other approved vendors. All printed materials must follow the brand guidelines listed below. (Alternately, a quick and inexpensive option for flyers is to make color copies of individual events from our online calendar.)

Assistance with distributing flyers around the Department and campus is available with 2 weeks notice (4-6 weeks, if you wish to have a postcard or other piece mailed).

Websites – Our department website is the main source for updated information about our events. Any separate web presence for a studio or special event (festivals, instrument days) must be approved by the Chair and coordinated through the Marketing office.

Facebook – As with our website, our Department’s Facebook page is our primary social media presence. While creating a separate Facebook presence for your studio is allowable, all events should be hosted only on our Department’s page. Those events can then easily be shared on your studio or area’s timeline.

Eblasts – Information on regularly-scheduled events and lectures are sent to our email list every 1-2 weeks.  Targeted eblasts for special events like instrument days can be sent to concertgoers, music teachers, donors, and alumni with 1 month prior notice.

Creative ideas like pop-up performances are definitely encouraged, and should be vetted through the Marketing office beforehand.


Brand guidelines

All printed material should prominently display our Department’s full name, University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Music & Dance, as well as the UMass/College of HFA logo (jpg or eps). Using “UMass Amherst” and/or “Dept.” is allowed, as is using “and” in place of the ampersand symbol. Our official fonts are Minion Pro and Garamond (Perpetua for programs).