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Music Audition Requirements - Undergraduate

Acceptance to the undergraduate music major or minor at UMass Amherst is determined in large part by an audition (except for Music Theory and Music History areas of emphasis in the BA degree).

Please click on one of the left menu links for your specific instrument.

Pieces selected for the audition should demonstrate technical facility and musicality. Sight-reading may be requested.

NEW for 2020-2021: The Music Theory and Music History areas of emphasis in the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree do not require an audition for entry. Please see the Bachelor of Arts in Music page for more information about required materials for these programs.

If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate faculty member for your instrument/voice before the audition.

SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT AND RECORDED/STREAMING AUDITIONS - Important Update for the 2020-21 Admission Cycle

Normally, requesting a Special Arrangement Audition or submitting an audition remotely for the UMass Music program is the exception, not the rule. The ongoing complications of the COVID-19 pandemic have turned this policy inside-out. As a result, remote auditions will become a codified method of application for the Music program. However, after the crisis is over, live auditions on the UMass Audition Days will continue to be the recommended avenue of application for all students even though remote auditions will remain an option.

Special Arrangement auditions and remote auditions have always put a greater amount of responsibility on the applicant; that level of responsibility is not diminished for this admission cycle. Students must be prepared to be in regular and responsive communication with both the faculty and departmental Director of Admissions as well as be aware of what is expected of them for audition requirements and deadlines. For a live Special Arrangement audition, it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to be in touch with the appropriate studio faculty to arrange an audition date and time.

All Special Arrangements and recorded/streamed auditions for incoming freshman music majors must be completed by February 28, 2021.

Please call Admissions Director Nathaniel Gowen, 413-545-6048 or email with any questions.