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Jazz Degree Programs


Undergraduate Jazz Programs:

Bachelor of Music, Jazz & African-American Music Studies (JAAMS):
Director: Professor Jeffrey W. Holmes,, (413) 545-6046

A jazz performance program which requires junior and senior recitals, plus courses that include jazz history, African-American music, jazz arranging and composition, jazz theory and improvisation, instrument- and voice-related classes, and applied lessons. Students also participate in a broad range of performance styles and ensembles, which is of great use when entering professional careers.
Links to detailed course subplans (pdf format) in Jazz B.Mus.:
Woodwind/Brass (current)      Woodwind/Brass (pre-Fall 2019)
Percussion/Drums (current)    Percussion/Drums (pre-Fall 2019)
Guitar (current)    Guitar (pre-Fall 2019)
Strings (current)    Strings (pre-Fall 2019)
Keyboard (current)    Keyboard (pre-Fall 2019)
Voice (current)     Voice (pre-Fall 2019)

Note: Incoming Fall 2021 (or later) JAAMS students will use the updated "current" subplans. Students matriculated before Fall 2019 may use either plan.

Please note: There is now a Jazz & African American Music Studies option for the Bachelor of Arts in Music (B.A.) degree. This can be useful for double-majoring or pursuing a more generalized liberal arts education.

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Undergraduate Audition Requirements page


Graduate Jazz Programs:

Jazz Composition & Arranging or
Performance (Jazz track)

Director: Prof. Jeffrey W. Holmes,, (413) 545-6046
Entry Requirements on the Graduate Audition Requirements page
Composition/Arranging Subplan/Degree Checklist (pdf)
Performance (Jazz track) Subplan/Degree Checklist (pdf)

Download Graduate Music Handbook (pdf)
See also the Graduate Music Programs page

The Master of Music Degree in Jazz Composition and Arranging is intended for musicians who desire to pursue graduate study in the field of jazz studies in order to enhance their own artistry and prepare for professional careers in the jazz field.

Please note: Candidates for the Masters degree in Jazz Composition and Arranging may study one of the traditional jazz instruments: saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussion/drums, bass, piano, voice or guitar, as well as play in jazz ensembles.

The Master of Music Degree in Performance (Jazz Track) is intended for students who desire to pursue graduate study in the field of performance in order to continue the development of their creative skills and their preparation for a career as a professional performer or studio teacher. The primary curricular emphasis is on the applied study of improvisation and performance. The goals of the Master of Music degree are to provide advanced training in a specific emphasis area, confer degrees to students who can communicate musical knowledge in oral and written form and prepare students for employment in the field of music.