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Graduate Certificate in Classical Music Performance


This program is for matriculated Master's students studying other music disciplines here at UMass. If you are non-matriculated and seeking a one-year intensive performance program, please see the Professional Performance Certificate.

Description: The graduate certificate in classical music performance prepares post-baccalaureate performers, educators, theorists, historians, composers, and other musicians to perform in a variety of settings. These credentials certify that students have acquired professional skills necessary to perform on their instrument or sing, making them more competitive on the job market. Matriculating master’s students will usually distribute a certificate’s required courses (11 credits) over two years of study.

Prerequisites: Matriculated students must have a baccalaureate degree with a music concentration before beginning coursework. Students must also pass an audition to be accepted into a studio.

GPA requirement: Earn a grade of B (3.0) or higher in each course used toward a certificate.

Two core courses (8 credits): MusicApp 618 (Applied Lessons)

Two ensembles (2 credits) (To be selected from among the following courses):
Music 551/552/553 (Chamber Ensemble)
Music 560 (University Chorale)
Music 563 (Chamber Choir)
Music 565 (UMass Amherst Symphony Orchestra)
Music 567 (Symphony Band)
Music 568 (Wind Ensemble)
Music 569 (Concert Band)
Music 578 (Collegium Musicum)
Music 580 (Perform Wkshp Singrs)
Music 593J (Seminar- All-University Orchestra)

One Capstone Project that could consist of a half recital, lecture recital, or other creative project (to be determined in consultation with the main applied professor) (1 credit):
Music 692N (S-Non-Degree Graduate Recital)
Music 696 (Independent Study)

Preliminary permission to perform a graduate recital must be granted by way of a jury. These juries take place in December and May. All graduate recitals must pass a Pre-Recital Hearing, to be held approximately three weeks in advance of the scheduled recital.


There is no formal application for this Certificate program for matriculated MM students. Eligible students who have completed the prerequisites and course/project requirements will automatically be awarded the Certificate upon completion or graduation.

Please fill out the Certificate Eligibility Form on the Graduate School website, have it signed by the Graduate Program Director (Prof. Erinn Knyt), and submit to the Graduate Student Service Center, 534 Goodell, by the appropriate deadline listed on the form.

Questions? Please contact Graduate Program Director Erinn Knyt, Rm. 366 Bromery Center,, 413-545-1247