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Voice Area Open House & Mock Auditions 2020

Welcome to the UMass Voice Area Open House and Mock Auditions, held on Zoom this year.

Join us for a panel discussion, Q & A segment, & mock auditions with faculty feedback.

Please fill out the short Registration form to receive the Zoom link.

The process of preparing and performing the collegiate voice audition will be discussed in detail by the UMass Voice and Choral faculty. The event is open to high school students and their families, as well as voice teachers. For your viewing convenience, it is okay for more than one person from a household to register for the event. The Zoom link will be provided after you register.

Mock Auditions   (not required to attend the event)
Any student interested in participating in the mock audition should submit a link (YouTube or Vimeo only please) to their video. Please see below for a few guidelines on how to prepare your submission. Videos will be shared with all attendees, and members of the UMass Voice and Choral faculty will offer their comments and observations, much as they would in an in-person mock audition. There may not be enough time to comment on all the submitted videos, but faculty will try to send written comments to any student whose video is not shared. The submission deadline is Oct. 19.

Let us hear from you!
If you are planning to attend the open house, we strongly encourage you to submit your questions to the faculty in advance. You can do this on the Registration form. These questions will be collated and answered during the Open House. If you have other questions, please contact Prof. William Hite at

UMass Voice and Choral FacultyScene from Mozart's The Magic Flute
Jamie-Rose Guarrine
William Hite
Mary Hubbell
Marjorie Melnick
Tony Thornton (Choral Studies)

Schedule   (Register online)
1:00pm - Words of Welcome and Panel Discussion
1:45pm - Q & A segment: The Collegiate Voice Audition
2:15pm - Mock Auditions and faculty feedback
3:30pm - End

Tips for making your sample video:  (not required to attend the Open House)

  • Please prepare one classical selection. It may be in any language.
  • Please introduce yourself and the piece you will sing for each of your selections.
  • Treat it like a live audition.
  • Your attire should be the same as it would for a live audition.
  • While we want the sound and video quality to be as good as possible, it is not necessary to make the recording in a professional studio.
  • Please try to stand far enough from the camera that your entire torso is visible.
  • Collaborating with an accompanist live is preferable for your video, but not always possible in these times. You may instead use a pre-recorded accompaniment track of your piece. If your teacher or choral director cannot record the track for you, you will find accompaniments for many of the standard audition pieces available free of charge on YouTube. You can also investigate accompaniment software such as
  • Please no accompanying yourself on the video, but you can prepare your own accompaniment track if you like.