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Western Massachusetts Flute Day

Astronaut Cady Coleman with weightless flute
Astronaut Cady Coleman with weightless flute

Saturday, December 1st, all day in Bezanson Hall.
$20 advance and $30 at the door. Pre-registration link

Cobus du Toit, host & coordinator

Join us for a fun day where we explore the intersection of flute & science.  Classes & presentations by Angeleita Floyd, Julianna Nickel, Lea Pearson, astronaut Cady Coleman & flute duo ZAWA! (Jill Felber & Claudia Anderson).  Guest Artist Concert at 5pm.  Plus, exhibits of flutes & accessories.


9-10am: Lea Pearson - Rock Star Warmup!
Learn how to get your real instrument - the body - fully ready to practice and perform. When YOU are a Rock Star, everything is easier!

10-11am: Jill Felber - Extreme Makeover: Flute Edition
An invigorating and FUN workout for all levels that explores exercises to develop your flute tone (resonance, projection, focus, clarity, and coloration) and to improve facility and flexibility throughout the entire range of the flute. Please bring Taffanel-Gaubert 17 Daily Exercises to the seminar.

11-12am: Julianna Nickel - An Unwanted Journey
A discussion about a career, a debilitating disorder, lessons learned, and a cutting edge clinical trial at the National Institutes of Health. Learn about focal dystonia, its treatments, and the potential of deep brain surgery (DBS) for a treatment or actual cure. Julianna was probably the first musician in the world to have DBS for the focal dystonia movement disorder. Lots of discussion encouraged! Explore a difficult side of a musical career, as well as the amazing advances science is forging in brain exploration. Finally, leave the discussion thinking about how the experiences of another person might influence your performing and teaching.

12-1pm: LUNCH & Visit exhibitors  (Bring your own lunch or available for purchase nearby)

Cobus du Toit1-2pm: Cobus du Toit: The Science behind Strange Noises
Come and explore how extended techniques can improve your tone as we explore air speed, direction of the airstream and placement of the tongue to create sounds you never thought possible. This session, for all ages, especially beginners, shows us how easy extended techniques can be and how they can be used to encourage spontaneity in our playing.

2-4pm: Flute Masterclass with Angeleita Floyd, Jill Felber & Claudia Anderson

4-5pm: Cady Coleman presentation - Being Brave: Courage to Play
Astronaut Cady Coleman will speak about her time onboard the International Space Station, having a lesson with Sir James Galway and playing a duet with Ian Anderson - all from space!

5pm: Guest Artist Concert
The program includes Cynthia Folio's Winds for Change, which centers around climate change. The UMass Flute Ensemble will perform with ZAWA! as part of this multimedia performance; Cobus du Toit and Julianna Nickel will also perform.

Pre-Registration link

All-day Events:

Free mini-lessons with Injury Prevention specialist Dr. Lea Pearson
Your chance to get expert feedback on your posture, breathing, hand or arm problems in 10 minute mini-lessons. Whether it's a posture check, a sore back or a breathing challenge, come see her for anything that is bugging you about your playing! (Students and teachers are both welcome.)

Fundamentals Checkup
The UMass gradutate flute students will be available for short 10-15 minute lessons throughout the day.

Lea Pearson
Lea Pearson

ZAWA! - Jill Felber & Claudia Anderson
Jill Felber & Claudia Anderson

Julianna Nickel
Julianna Nickel

Angeleita Floyd
Angeleita Floyd