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Early Music Ensembles

Fall 2021 Early Music flyer (pdf)

The Five College Early Music Program offers a variety of opportunities to engage with the rich and varied repertoire of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music in the European tradition. Ensembles are open to all Five College students, by painless audition at the beginning of each semester.

For audition information, please visit and click on “Early Music." If you have questions, please contact program director Michael Barrett at  Click for descriptions of all the ensembles (Google doc). Interested students should please fill out this form to help determine the best fitting ensemble or class.

(Please note that not all ensembles and classes run every semester, depending on faculty availability, student enrollment, etc.)

General program description: Experience the joys of medieval, renaissance and baroque music with the Early Music Program. Ensembles include an SATB Renaissance choir (the Collegium), baroque orchestra and chamber music (Euridice Ensembles), medieval ensemble, and women's vocal ensemble. Modern string and wind players are welcome- the program has a substantial collection of early instruments. You might consider beginning viol, recorder, lute or harpsichord, too. There is something for everyone! Credit is available.
Contact Early Music program director Michael Barrett at for further information.

Please refer to the Five College Early Music website for detailed information about the Early Music program. 

A small SATB choir, performing Medieval, Renaissance, and early Baroque music, with opportunities for vocal solos. Students may also participate instrumentally. The Early Music Program has a collection of historical instruments for student use, including viols, baroque violins/viola/cello, lute, medieval instruments such as harp and vielle and psaltery, and Renaissance winds and brass, including sackbuts, dulcians, shawms, recorders, and flutes.

The Baroque orchestra explores the instrumental repertoire of the 17th and 18th centuries. Historical strings and basso continuo form the foundation of the ensemble, but winds, brass, and percussion may join from time to time. Sometimes the orchestra will combine forces with the Collegium or other Early Music Program ensembles for special projects.

Baroque chamber ensembles for historical and modern instruments. Early Music Program faculty members coach and play in these ensembles. Some baroque stringed instruments and bows and baroque flutes are available for student use. Ensembles generally include a harpsichord as well.

The Women's Vocal Ensemble of the Five College Early Music Program
Catherine Bell, director
Performs primarily Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and traditional European music.


Full listing of Early Music ensembles and classes