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Scheduling Your Recital

Recital scheduling will be done according to a tiered lottery system each semester, based on recital requests provided by studio teachers.

Recital selection will happen in the following tiers, each on a different day:

Graduate required
Senior required
Junior required

Each person within a given tier will be assigned a lottery number for the order in which they can select his/her time. The office will prepare and send a list of available recital times to members of each tier a few days prior to the lottery. During that time, recitalists should consult with their studio teacher and their collaborators to prepare a list of recital times, in order of preference that corresponds to their lottery number. (i.e., #1 will pick one time, #2 two times, #3 three times, etc.).

Recitalists will be given a 5-minute appointment to choose and confirm a recital time based on their list. After picking a time, we’ll provide a list of available dress rehearsals corresponding to the chosen recital time. Dress rehearsal times should be agreed upon with studio teacher and collaborators.


Recitalists must submit their program information no later than 3 weeks prior to their recital. Program information should be submitted via our new Google form, Student Recital Program Submission Form.

You can expect a draft of your program within one week of submitting the Google Form. Thoroughly review all of the information and check for errors. Coordinate with your studio teacher so they can also have a chance to review your program. Corrections should be returned to your program coordinator by the date requested (roughly one week from receiving your draft). We cannot guarantee any changes once the deadline for review has passed. There will be no reprints due to last minute changes or errors that were not brought to our attention.

If your recital is in Bezanson, your programs will be delivered there.

If your recital is not in Bezanson, you must come and pick up your programs from Rm. 273 (main Music office). We will email you when your programs are ready for pick up.

Programs for undergraduate students will be coordinated by the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Abigail Clark.

Programs for graduate students will be coordinated by the Graduate Program Coordinator, Nicole Avakian.


We want your recital day to be stress free, and we appreciate your cooperation in sending in your information early and proofreading the draft carefully. Best of luck!

If your recital is coming up, and you have not received either your draft or final program, please take initiative and contact us. We do our best to keep tabs on all recitals that are happening but there are many of them, and it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you have a program.

Should you wish to create your own program, please let your program coordinator (Nicole-grad or Abby-undergrad) know. You must provide your program coordinator with THREE copies of your program (FOUR if you have a shared recital) for records and reporting purposes. Please see the guidelines from marketing below regarding departmental printed material.

The Department’s program logo should appear centered at the top of the cover, and the UMass/HFA logo (link to jpg or eps) should appear at the bottom of either the front or back cover. Our official font for programs is Perpetua, and the font size for programs is generally 11 pt or larger.

Any questions about branding/styles may be directed to Marketing/Publicity Director Matt Longhi, 545-0018.

Stage Setup Procedure

If your recital is in Bezanson or Room 44, please fill out a stage setup form no later than 2 weeks before your dress rehearsal. This will ensure your stage needs are sent to the Bezanson Stage Manager. Please note: limited assistance is available for Room 44.

Bezanson Stage Setup Form
Room 44 Setup Assistance Form

For Bezanson only: Upon submission of the form, you will receive a link to a GoogleDoc to use to draw out your stage setup needs for each piece. This document must be returned separately to the Bezanson Stage Manager, Sean Buenaventura.

Recital Recordings

All recitals in Bezanson are recorded by the Bezanson Stage Crew. If you would like a copy of your recital recording, please fill out the Bezanson Recording Request Form.

Bezanson Recital Recording Request Form
(Requires Google Apps login)