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A black and white headshot of Thomas Vacanti.
Thomas Vacanti

Welcome! As a high school senior considering college dance programs, or as a current UMass student, you are at an exciting juncture as you consider dance studies that meet your career aspirations.

A critical step in this process is to find a dance program that empowers the student and supports their learning with rigorous and diverse training that prepares them for careers in the profession. At UMass, you can take advantage of the wealth of opportunities, personal contacts, and diverse artistic visions that we are so fortunate to have within our program and the Five College Dance Consortium. The Dance faculty are ready to provide you with the insights, experiences, and mentorship that you need to determine your own path to a rewarding and fulfilling life in the arts.

Studying dance in a liberal arts setting is adventurous and exciting, and your dance studies here will be wide ranging. We believe that well rounded dancers can have sustainable careers in the arts. During a typical four years on campus, dancers develop strong technical skills as well as being introduced to new dance opportunities that cultivate a healthy curiosity about all aspects of the art form. You would also be studying within a dynamic community of students and faculty that foster a shared understanding of and appreciation for diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We can provide information and advice supported by years of education, professional experience and first-hand knowledge about the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Consider joining our faculty, staff, and current students in an inclusive program that provides a robust dance experience, as well as lifelong memories.

Thomas Vacanti
Director of the UMass Dance Program