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Christopher White is Associate Professor of Music Theory, having previously taught at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Yale University. Chris received his PhD from Yale and has also attended Queens College–CUNY, and Oberlin College Conservatory of Music. 

Chris's research uses big data techniques to study how we hear and write music, which is the subject of his book The Music in The Data (2022, Routledge). His articles have appeared in such venues as Music PerceptionMusic Theory Online, and Music Theory Spectrum and he has presented his work widely. He has also contributed essays to SlateThe Daily Beast, and The Chicago Tribune on a wide range of topics, including music analysis, computational modeling, and artificial intelligence. 

Chris remains an avid organist, having studied with Haskell Thompson and James David Christie. As a member of the Three Penny Chorus and Orchestra, he has appeared on NBC's Today Show and as a quarterfinalist on America's Got Talent. He currently serves as secretary for the New England Conference of Music Theorists.

(Photo by Eric Berlin)