Doctoral Students

Matt Frain (2004)

Dissertation : Investigation of the influence of gas and solid particle interaction on the heat transfer effectiveness of a falling-bed heat exchanger.

Shuhai Hou (2005)

Dissertation : Investigation of the interaction mechanisms between closely spaced sprays from micro-hole nozzles.

Meizhong Dai (2005) 

Dissertation : Numerical simulation of free surface flow using a moving, unstructured mesh method.

Shaoping Quan (2005) 

Dissertation : Direct numerical simulation of two-phase flow.

Shivasubramaniam Gopalakrishnan (2009)

Dissertation : Modeling of Thermal Non-Equilibrium in Superheated Injector Flows.

Kshitij Neerookar (2010)

Dissertation : Three Dimensional Flash-Boiling Calculations in Fuel Injector Nozzles.

Sandeep Menon (2011)

Dissertation : A moving mesh simulation of Non-Newtonian flow.

Maija Benitz (2016)

Dissertation: Modeling Wave Impacts on Off-Shore Wind Turbines

Kyle Mooney (2016)

Dissertation: Non-Newtonian Droplet Dynamics

Eli Baldwin (2016)

Dissertation: Turbulent Mixing in Sprays for Propulsion Applications

Masters Students

Meizhong Dai (2002)

Thesis : Numerical simulation of capillary pinching using an unstructured mesh and finite volume method.

Sasanka Are (2003) 

Thesis : Understanding grid dependency in spray calculations.

Manoj Kumar Moningi (2004)

Thesis : Modeling modulated pressure-swirl atomizers.

Michael O’Brien (2006)

Thesis : Modeling drag in dense sprays.

Nathaniel Trask (2010)

Thesis : Implementation of an Eulerian Atomization Model to Characterize Primary Spray Formation.

Mihir Samel (2011)

Thesis : Modeling Particle Laden Flows at Low Ambient Pressure.

Michael Colarossi (2011) 

Thesis : Modeling Condensing Ejectors using CFD.

Thomas Furlong (2011)

Thesis : A Computational Simulation of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and Ethanol Capillary Flow.

Sukanta Rakshit (2012)

Thesis : A New Approach to Compressible Cavitation Modeling in Fuel Injector Nozzles.

Suzanne Cox (2013)

Thesis : Physical Model of the Feeding Strike of the Mantis Shrimp.

Narsimha Rao P. V. P. (2014)

Thesis : An Exact Solution to the Space Conservation Law.

Bradley Shields (2014)

Thesis : Non-Equilibrium Modeling of Cavitating Nozzles.

Venkata Pavan P. Narasimha Rao (2014)

Thesis: An Exact Solution to the Space Conservation Law


Visiting Students

Stefan Lutzmann (2003) 

Affiliation: University of Stuttgart.
Thesis: Efficient calculation of droplet evaporation.


Volker Schwarzer (2004)

Affiliation : University of Karlsruhe.
Thesis : Effect of wind on flow in reservoirs.


Stefano Toninel (2005)

Affiliation : University of Bologna
Thesis : Development of a parallel finite-volume Navier-Stokes solver.


Alvaro Igual Campos (2014)

Affiliation: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Thesis : GDI ICE simulation in OpenFOAM.