Sample Images Made with the Polyview-3D Server

These PolyView-3D images use 1d66, in which the DNA-binding domain of the Gal4 transcriptional regulatory protein is bound to DNA. Lysine 18 sits in the major groove of DNA, recognizing the DNA sequence CGG.

Chains are PyMol's default colors. Residues A:18 Blue Spacefilling and D:2-4 Red, Sticks.

The molecule's initial orientation is rotated -90 degrees around Y. The center is residue 34 in chain E. The scale is 200%.

The animations below use rocking around the Y axis through 90 degrees in 2 degree steps, with a 5/100 second delay. Because the bigger animation is large (500 pixels) and smooth (90 images), it took 30 minutes for the Polyview-3D server to make it. But even the smaller version (200 pixels, 90 images) took 15 minutes!