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    Slide 8 - Evolutionary Conservation
  1. In Proteopedia, show evolutionary conservation for your molecule.
  2. Click on the link Complete Results at ConSurfDB (in Evolutionary Conservation).
  3. At ConSurfDB, View Conservation in FirstGlance.
  4. Find two highly conserved amino acids on the surface of your molecule, one expected and one unexpected. In order to be unexpected, the amino acid should not be Gly, not Pro, not Met1. (Why is conservation of Gly and Pro expected on the surface?)
  5. Identify the two residues by clicking on them, for example on 4enl you could select Pro290 and Glu188.
  6. Go to the FirstGlance Control Panel and use Find.. to put halos on these two residues. (In the example, you would find "pro290,glu188".)
  7. On your slide, say the two residues you selected (for example
  8. Sometimes there is no conserved amino acid that is unexpected. In that case, say "There is no conserved amino acid that is unexpected", and put halos on only the expected conserved residue.
  9. Say why you expected conservation of the one residue you chose.
  10. Show a snapshot of the Evolutionary Conservation result for your molecule with halos on the two residues of interest (from Find.).