Eric Martz
Macromolecular Visualization & Structural Bioinformatics

Professor Emeritus, Department of Microbiology
University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA 01003-9298
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Since 1995, my focus has been in molecular visualization in biological science education, and in visual analysis of macromolecular structure. During 1965-1997, I did research in cell biology and cellular immunology, especially mechanisms of lysis by cytotoxic T lymphocytes, and interaction with the target cell via LFA-1 (see Publications below).

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Most of my work since 1995 is disseminated via the web. I created and maintain the RasMol Home Page and UMass Chime Resources Site, devoted to educational molecular visualization. During 2003, these sites were visted by 9,000-13,000 people per week. Cumulatively, they have been visited by roughly 1,000,000 people (half from within the USA) from over 115 countries who viewed documents and tutorials at these sites more than 20,000,000 times. Educational tutorials I authored have been downloaded over 200,000 times; some have been translated into French (redistributed by the French National Inst for Pedagogic Research), Spanish, German and Portuguese. Protein Explorer ( has been downloaded 40 times/day for the past several years.

An email survey conducted in 1999 revealed that thousands of educators had downloaded educational tutorials I authored, and that hundreds of thousands of students worldwide have experienced molecular visualization using these tutorials.

From 1965 through 1992, I published 65 papers and reviews in cell biology and immunology, 47 of which were peer-reviewed.

TEACHING I retired from teaching effective January, 2004.