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DRuMS is a set of seven standardized, intuitive color schemes applicable to macromolecular structures and designed for use on the Web. Color is an efficient and powerful method for conveying information about a macromolecule. Adopting a standard color scheme is important, to avoid confusion and present a clear message.
DRuMS is freely available to all for use in noncommercial and commercial contexts. You are invited to use DRuMS in your own online resources. If you have suggestions for improving DRuMS, please contact Timothy Driscoll at molvisions (driscoll@molvisions.com).

The DRuMS Color Schemes have been adopted for use in the Protein Explorer by Eric Martz, and Biochemistry in 3D, a set of online 3D structure tutorials that accompany Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, Third Edition.

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