BioMolecular Explorer 3D: A Guide to These Resources

Software for interactive molecular exploration in High School Biology courses.


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A Guide to These Resources

The Explore the Molecules page of BioMolecular Explorer 3D presents a list of molecules that can be viewed and/or explored in 3D using the software you have (hopefully) just installed. Each molecule in the list is in one or more of the following formats: Guided Tutorial, Molecules Presented in Protein Explorer, and Animation. In addition, all molecules on the list have links to online background information suitable for lesson planning, and some molecules have links to lesson plans and/or questions for students.

Guided Tutorials are presentations that use animations and text to explain the structure and function of a specific molecule. The author of the tutorial has made choices about what to show and how to show it, and provides a guided tour of the structure. The Guided Tutorials are authored by Eric Martz unless otherwise noted.

Most of the Guided Tutorials require the use of Netscape 4.8, and if Internet Explorer is used to view them, may provide flawed or misleading animations. This limitation is noted in the list of molecules on the Explore the Molecules page.

Molecules Presented in Protein Explorer allows you to view a molecule and explore it on your own. Protein Explorer is software that displays a molecular structure in 3D and helps you to explore it; it is not a tutorial with a prepared presentation for you to follow. For an extensive introduction to (or review of) Protein Explorer, view the Protein Explorer Demo Movies (requires Flash, compatible with any modern browser).

Molecules Presented in Protein Explorer are best viewed with Netscape 4.8, but can be viewed with Internet Explorer on Windows only (after installing MDL Chime) if you prefer it to Netscape 4.8. Protein Explorer will not work with Internet Explorer on Mac operating systems, so Netscape 4.8 is required.

Animations are movies that highlight the important aspects of molecular structures without much explanatory text. These require more time on the teacher's part to read background material on the featured molecule, so that the animations can be explained to students. The Animations on the BioMolecular Explorer 3D CD are authored by Eric Martz unless otherwise noted.

Animations can be viewed with Netscape 4.8 or, on Windows only, with Internet Explorer (after installing Chime).

We welcome your comments, questions, and lesson plans, which we will make available to other interested teachers.

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