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Software for interactive molecular exploration in High School Biology courses.


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The Software and How to Install It
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BME3D is now available on CD
for Windows computers!


Welcome to Biomolecular Explorer 3D

Biomolecular Explorer 3D is designed to give high school biology teachers easy access to interactive 3D structures of biologically significant molecules. All the molecules we've selected are displayed and explored in a browser window following software installation. BME3D for Windows is also available on CD from 3D Molecular Designs.

We offer you the following resources gathered together in a single web site:

  1. Links to software for viewing and exploring molecules in 3D
    • download the software
    • follow our instructions for installing it
  2. Pre-selected biomolecules that fit well in a high school biology curriculum
    • each molecule is placed in its biological context with a brief description
    • each molecule is linked to an interactive 3D display (assuming prior installation of software)
  3. Assistance with lesson planning
    • each molecule is linked to background information specially selected for HS teachers
  4. Access to additional molecules
    • we show you where to find many other biomolecular 3D displays and tutorials

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