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John J. Clement, Ed.D.
Professor Emeritus, U. of Mass. Amherst

A. Lynn Stephens, Ed.D. (corresponding author)
Senior Research Fellow, U. of Mass. Amherst
Research Scientist, The Concord Consortium



Maria Cecilia Núñez-Oviedo, Ed.D.
Faculty of Education
U. of Concepción, Chile

Norman Price, Ed.D.
Science Department
Amherst Regional Middle School
Amherst, MA

E. Grant Williams, Ed.D.
Associate Professor and Director
School of Education
St. Thomas University


Website Development 

Matthew Mattingly and Samm Delorey
Enterprise Systems & Development
UMass Amherst IT


Conceptual Learning in Science Group

The Conceptual Learning in Science Group has been engaged in science education research activities since the late 70's, in the College of Education and the Scientific Reasoning Research Institute, College of Natural Sciences at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Its work has focused on analogies, misconceptions, useful intuitions, creativity and imagery use in expert scientists, model based learning, discussion leading strategies, learning from computer simulations, and other topics. The group is grateful for having been funded virtually continuously during this period through 2018 by the US National Science Foundation.