How to Search this RasMol Site

We have tried to organize this RasMol site logically. Before you try the search procedure below, we recommend that you explore the site. Then if you don't find what you want, try the search method below.

Someday we hope to provide our own searching mechanism. Until then, the following strategy works surprisingly well.

  1. Go to Alta Vista (see link below).
  2. Using their simple search, enter
      +rasmol +umass +yourterm
    where yourterm is what you are looking for. (The + prefixes require all terms you specify to be in every document reported. If you omit the + prefixes, you will get thousands of documents, as only one term will be required.)
If you want lipid bilayers,
  +rasmol +umass +bilayer*
(The trailing asterisk * allows matches to bilayer or bilayers.)

If you've heard that U Cal Berkeley made an enhanced version of RasMol,

  +rasmol +umass +berkeley

Ready to try it? Here's the link to Alta Vista.

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