Source Code for RasMol, RasWin, RasMac

Source code for RasMol, in the C language, is available for those who wish to modify the program, recompile and link an executable program binary. The RasMol source code is public domain and freely distributable provided that the original author is suitably acknowledged.

The file INSTALL26 contains instructions for installing as well as for recompiling RasMol for various operating systems. It is included as file INSTALL with the source code package.

The complete source code for all versions (RasMol, RasWin, RasMac) is included in the unix version, RasMol26b2.tar.gz (2.6-beta-2). This file is also available directly by ftp from

Please remember to use binary mode when transferring these files between systems. Check that the file size is the same before and after transfer.

If you need source for Windows or Macintosh and do not have access to a unix account for unpacking this file, you can get the complete set of unpacked files by ftp.

As is the case for executables, the only site guaranteed to have the most recent version of the source code is Roger Sayle's Edinburgh ftp site.

Source code is also available for RasMol for NEXTSTEP.

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