Visiting Statistics for the RasMol Classic Main Page
including the UMass Chime Resources Site

Most Recent Academic Year (9/96-8/97)
First 11 Months (11/95-9/96)


  • Most Recent Adademic Year (9/96-8/97)
    • 1,880,000 files served.
    • 126,000 hits on main page of RasMol Classic Main Page.
    • 90,000 visitors (unique Internet addresses) from 89 countries.
    • 41,000 downloads of RasMol program.
    • 4,500 downloads of RasMol "movie" scripts authored by Martz.
    • Three RasMol "movie" scripts translated into French by the National Pedagogic Research Institute of France.
    • Chime tutorial on DNA viewed 2,500 times.
    • 1,600 downloads of Chime tutorials by educators from 50-some countries.
    • RasMol site contains over 300 files, including 116 original HTML documents (56,000 words, roughly equivalent to 225 pages of double-spaced typescript) and 127 GIF images.
    • UMass Chime site contains over 400 files including:
      • 120 original HTML documents (30,000 words, roughly equivalent to 120 pages of double-spaced typescript)
      • 200 files of RasMol script language.
      • 50 files of javascript (over 2,000 lines).

  • First 10 Months (11/95-9/96)
    • 30,000 visitors (unique Internet addresses) from 65 countries.
    • Half of visitors from outside the USA.
    • 5,000 downloads of RasMol program.
    • 1,500 downloads of RasMol "movie" scripts.
    • Site contains 80 original HTML documents (24,000 words, roughly equivalent to 100 pages of double-spaced typescript) and over 100 GIF images.


Most Recent Academic Year (9/96-8/97)

The RasMol Classic Main Page (RHP, was visited by 90,000 'people' (unique internet computer addresses) from 90 countries during the academic year from 9/96 through 8/97. 1.9 million files were served (75% from the RHP, 25% from the UMass Chime site, UMChime).

The RasMol program was downloaded 41,000 times from this one site at UMass. RasMol "movie" scripts were downloaded 4,500 times (hemoglobin, lipid bilayer/channel, DNA, antibody, MHC, by Eric Martz). Three of these "movies" were translated into French and distributed from the website of the French National Institute for Pedagogic Research (for which no counts are in hand). "RasMol Quick Start", a document for beginners, was viewed 13,000 times; the RasMol Manual, 12,000 times; and the Gallery, 10,000 times.

Chime tutorials can be viewed without downloading, but Martz-authored tutorials on protein secondary structure, DNA, or how to use Chime were downloaded for local use 2,400 times by 942 people from 45 US states and 80-some countries. Educators downloaded Chime tutorials more often than students, by 3 to 2.

The major results are covered above. Read on below if you are interested in more detailed analysis and counts.

85,900 people visited the RasMol Classic Main Page proper, and 20,600 visited the UMChime. Most of the latter also visited the RHP; only 3,900 visited the UMChime without visiting the RHP. There were 2,000-3,000 visitors per week fetching on average 40,000 documents/week.

RasMol the program was downloaded 41,000 times. 86% of these downloads were for the most recent version (2.6-beta-2a) which was released in November 1996. 80% of the downloads were for Windows and 20% for Macintosh. 81% of the Windows downloads were for 32-bit systems; nevertheless there were 4,700 for 16 bit systems with math coprocessors, and 1,400 downloads for 16-bit SX systems without math coprocessors.

RasMol "movie" scripts were downloaded 4,500 times (76% Windows, 24% Mac). This contrasts with 1,500 downloads from in the previous year. It appears that with increasing awareness of these "movies", more people are using them. Individual script topics ranged less than two-fold in popularity. In order of decreasing popularity: hemoglobin > lipid bilayer/channel > DNA > antibody > major histocompatibility.

While RasMol "movie" scripts must be downloaded to be viewed, the UMChime tutorials which were available during this year (DNA, protein secondary structure), and various demonstrations of how to create Chime web pages, can be viewed directly from the web without downloading (see hit counts below).

However, downloading of UMChime resources is offered to enable educators to project the tutorials from non-networked computers, for installation in student computer labs, or to enable study of how they were constructed. Therefore one must plan serious use of a resource in order to bother to fill out the registration form and to download it.

For the six different UMass Chime tutorial packages available during this period, there were 2,400 downloads by 942 people from 80-some countries, 45 states and the District of Columbia. (No downloads yet from DE, HI, KY, MT, or WY.) Educators were the largest group among the downloaders, outnumbering students by 3 to 2 (381 educators, 247 students, 178 researchers, and misc.; these data are thru Nov 10 '97, but Chime 1.0 was not released until 12/31/96).

The number of hits on various web pages was:

	126,000 main RHP
	26,000 main UMChime page
	17,000 'molecules' (PDB) page
	13,000 RasMol Quick Start
	12,000 RasMol Manual
	10,000 Gallery
	9,000 What's New (RasMol; 2,600 for Chime)
	4,900 How to use Chime (animated mouse controls)
	4,700 World Index of Animated Tutorials on Biomolecules
	3,200 Chime vs. RasMol
	3,000 Guide to 'Movie' Script Creation for RasMol and Chime
	3,000 RasMol in French, Spanish, etc. (NonEnglish RasMol)
	2,600* DNA in Chime (vs. 440 downloads of same)
	2,500 Programming Chime web pages from scratch
	2,300* Protein secondary structure in Chime (vs. 500 downloads of same)
	1,500 Chime command-line demonstration
	1,200 Sayle's FAQ
	  900 Martz's FAQ

*These counts are for pages which the visitor would be unlikely to get to if Chime is not installed. Counts for the lead-in pages (no Chime images) were considerably higher.


First 11 Months

Between its creation in November, 1995, and the end of September, 1996 (11 months), this site had been visited by over 30,000 people. Approximately half of the visitors are from within the USA and half from over 65 other countries.

The visiting rate has been essentially constant since March, 1996, at about 5,000 people per month (over 80,000 file fetches per month). In recent months, about 70% of each month's visitors are first-time visitors, and 30% have visited at least once previously.

The most popular page at this RasMol site is the page on Getting RasMol (>13,000 visitors from January through September, 1996). About half of the people who visit this page download either a Windows or Macintosh version of RasMol. 64% of these downloads are for Windows, 36% for Macintosh. Rates for other operating systems are not available. The primary source of the RasMol program is in the UK, and many other sources exist (e.g. Brookhaven National Laboratories); downloads from the present site probably represent a minority of total downloads worldwide.

Other very popular pages are the Gallery and the Molecules Galore pages (about 4,000 visitors each, Jan-Sep '96).

Over 1,500 people (Jan-Sep '96) have downloaded RasMol scripts authored by Eric Martz, for which this site is the primary source. The five largest of these scripts contain 1,000-2,000 lines of RasMol commands each.

The 6,000-word "Guide to Script Creation in RasMol and Chime", published June 10, 1996, was viewed by over 600 people in the subsequent 4 months.

As of August, 1996, this site contains over 80 separate original html documents, totaling over 24,000 words (exclusive of the RasMol Manual and other large documents, which are in the distrib directory), and over 100 GIF images. If printed in double-spaced typewriter script (2,000 characters per page), it would total 100 pages, not counting the images.

The cumulative numbers of unique visitors per country are as follows (as of September, 1996):

~1,024: jp de ca uk
~  512: fr nl au se
~  256: dk it
~  128: es ch no fi
~   64: be br il kr mx pl at
~   32: pt sg ie hu gr za cz si ru
        (28 countries with 2-16 each omitted)
     1: ua mt jm gb fo bh ae
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