MASTEP Workshops on Macromolecular Visualization with RasMol and Chime: Agenda
November 13 (SFSU), 14 (SJSU) 1998 -- Eric Martz, instructor
  1. Open Navigator and go to the RasMol Classic Main Page. Bookmark it. The RasMol Classic Main Page (aka Molecular Visualization Freeware Website) includes links to all the resources covered in this workshop, and many more:

  2. For this workshop, your working folder is: (write in below)

  3. Optional: Download RasMol from and save it in your working folder.

  4. Use RasMol's File, Open menu to open 1d66.pdb (which is already provided in your working folder).

    The Golden Rule of RasMol
    Place RasMol (not an alias or shortcut but the application itself), the PDB files and script files needed for your project all in the same folder! Use RasMol's File, Open menu to open PDB files. This strategy avoids many frustrating complications and works equally on Macintosh or Windows.

  5. Work through the questions in the handout What can you learn about a protein/DNA molecule with RasMol? ( From this document you can learn how to use the mouse to control RasMol, how to use RasMol's menus, and get an introduction to the powerful commands available in RasMol.

  6. Go to the Protein Data Bank at and select PDB Lite. Search for a molecule of interest to you, download it, and view it in RasMol.

  7. Go to the UMass Chime Site, , and try out some Chime resources.

  8. After the workshop, if you get "stuck" on some technical issue, please review the handouts provided in this workshop. If you don't find the solution, contact Eric at