RasMol Gallery

The images in this gallery were created with RasMol. In some cases, multiple RasMol images were combined into a single image with shareware graphics editors. Text was, in most cases, added with graphics editors, although RasMol provides a limited labeling capability.

Most of the images in this gallery are intentionally small (to reduce use of web resources). I welcome contributions of RasMol-produced images to this gallery, especially high-resolution examples of the best and most beautiful of which RasMol is capable. Contact emartz@microbio.umass.edu.

As you view the images in this gallery, imagine each image rotating so you can appreciate the 3-dimensional relationships, or being viewed in stereo (and yes, even rotating in stereo). These images have been kept relatively small to minimize loading of the Internet; they can be larger and higher-resolution when you run RasMol on your computer.

Images from educational scripts designed for classroom projection.

The scripts themselves are available for you to run with RasMol.

Images not from scripts.


Antibody & Antibody:Antigen Binding.

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Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules and peptide binding.

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Miscellaneous Images (not from scripts)

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