The following note was provided by Roger Sayle on September 30, 1996, to accompany the bug-fixed version of RasMac, which I shall call 'RasMac 2.6 beta-2a'.

"There are no major changes in the functionality, but a number of niggling Macintosh specific bugs have been cleared and the performance probably improved.

The most notable bug fix is that 'pause' commands in RasMol scripts now work when launched by double clicking on a scriptfile icon. Netscape should now be able to launch RasMac with a script and I'm not sure if it was fixed in the previous release but 'File Save As' and 'Export' options should no longer crash the system when `certain' directory assistants (Macintosh extensions) are running."

(Note put here by Eric Martz, October 10, 1996, who adds:

To launch a script by double-clicking on the Mac, the script file must have the proper signature.)