Earliest Solutions for Macromolecular Crystal Structures
A supplement to History of Visualization of Biological Macromolecules
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Before the first protein crystal was solved (from Selected Reviews below): Earliest Solved Macromolecular Structures with PDB Entries
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Max Perutz (1914-2002), who shared the 1962 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for solving the structure of hemoglobin, was interviewed in 2001 by The Vega Science Trust. 46 minutes of these interviews, divided into 9 segments, are available on-line. How does hemoglobin work? includes glimpses of several physical models as well as early computer animations of the conformational changes of heme and hemoglobin with the binding and release of oxygen. The longer Haemoglobin story includes the same glimpses, plus one of a wireframe model.

Selected Reviews
Earliest Primary Reports of Macromolecular Structures

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